3 Easy Steps for Turning a Sweater Into a Dog Bed

Not sure what to do with your old winter sweaters? Want to make someting special for your dog? We have just the thing!

A big trend right now is turning old furniture, clothes, and other household items into chic dog beds. In fact, you can buy one for a pretty penny on many e-stores including Etsy. Or, you can get out some simple tools, get creative, and make one yourself.

Upcycle a dog bed

This is a classic, easy to make bed that makes use of all those old clothes. You can make it to match your house décor or your dog’s personality. A bonus feature is if you use an old sweater, the bed will smell like you, which might entice your dog to try out his new bed quicker (for those picky canines).

Materials Needed:

  • Old sweater/sweatshirt
  • Batting, foam pad, and/or old t-shirts, socks, etc. for padding
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread

How to Make an Upcycled Dog Sweater Bed

Step 1. Fill up your sweater with your padding. I used left over stuffing from another dog bed I made, but you can use a lot of different things you may have lying around. For example, an old foam mattress cut up, stuffing from an old pillow, other old clothes, even an old foam stadium seat pad works.

Sweatshirt dog bed

Step 2. Sew up the neck and waist openings. You can do this on your sewing machine, or by hand like I did. If you put something removable like a foam pad in there, considering adding a zipper to the waist opening. If you don’t know how to sew, you could hot glue the openings closed as well.

upcycled dog bed


Step 3. Wrap the arms around the waist part to make the donut. Slide one cuff into the other and sew or glue them together.

It’s that simple! Just 3 steps and your pup has a brand new dog bed.

Dog bed made of a sweater


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