These 3 Dogs Are The Most Photogenic BFFs Ever

Meet Harlow, Indiana, and Reese. They are the cutest dog BFFs the Internet has ever seen.

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Bestie selfie! Via harlowandsage/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Some friends are so close that being away from each other for even a minute is too painful. And that’s certainly the case with Harlow, Indiana and Reese — three of the cutest dogs you’ve ever seen.

Individually, they are charming, goofy and oh-so sweet. But put them together and hearts explode everywhere. Which is probably why they have such a massive social following, with 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and more 321,000 likes on Facebook.
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Harlow is a Weimaraner with an extremely expressive face. Indiana is a brown Miniature Dachshund with bright happy eyes. And little Reese is the newest member of the family, another Miniature Dachshund who always appears to be smiling.

Sending out lots of love. Always.

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And they are just as adorable in real life as they are in pictures, apparently.

Harlow is extremely loving, according to owner Brittni Vega.

“She wants to be friends with every dog and person she meets,” Vega told “She is also our shadow and follows my husband and I everywhere.”


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Indiana is very independent.

“She is definitely the alpha of the bunch,” Vega said. “She is very bossy and keeps Harlow and Reese in line. She loves tennis balls and could play fetch 24 hours per day if we let her!”

And Reese?

“Reese is the baby of the family and she knows it,” Vega told “Harlow and Indiana are very protective of her and watch every single thing that she does. If we are playing in the yard, they follow her everywhere.”

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Like most best friends, they do just about everything together, although Harlow is a little more sporty.

Chilly Dogs

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“Harlow is a little bit bigger than Indiana and Reese and so we take her on long hikes and different types of adventures that are more appropriate for her breed,” Vega said. “She is much more active than the two little ones and so she gets lots of one-on-one time. When we are at home, though, they are always playing or sleeping right next to each other.”

As for which one is the silliest lady of the bunch? That would be Harlow.

Livin La Vida Mocha

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“She can have fun doing anything and she makes our family laugh constantly,” Vega told Petcha. “She also has amazing facial expressions.”

Happy PAWther’s Day to all of the amazing dads! A photo posted by Harlow, Sage, Indiana & Reese (@harlowandsage) on

True friendships just sort of form organically, and the best part is that they remain, despite the curveballs and changes that life naturally brings. It’s clear these three cuties are meant to be together. And we’ll never get enough of their floppy ears and silly faces.

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