21 Vintage Valentines that are Dog-Gone Adorable

What better way to say "I love you" than with some old-fashion puppy love?

We don’t know what it is, but everything vintage just seems more romantic somehow. Maybe it’s the hint of simpler times, the promise of hand-written sentiments, or the use of charming puns that made valentines what they are today. Whatever it is, these vintage dog valentines have us swooning. 

Check out these 21 adorable valentines, that give the true meaning of “puppy love:”

  1. You Bowl Me Over! We don’t know many dogs who bowl, but this one knocked us of our feet. 
  2. Vintage Dog Valentine


  3. My Bullie Valentine. Not sure if it’s the puppy dog eyes or the tiny hat, but we think this is a face any Valentine could love.
  4. Vintage Bulldog Valentine

     Vintage Valentine Museum

  5.  Hi There, Valentine. Hi there, Puppy!
  6. Cavalier Spaniel vintage Valentine


  7. In Short, I’m Longing for You. Nothing says longing, like a Dachshund. 

    Dachshund Valentine

     Dachshund Valentine

  8. Be My Valentine. Of course! But only because your dog has paw-delivered our letter to the mailbox. Who are we to say no?
  9. Fox Terrier Valentines


  10. My Dear Sweetheart. My dear drum-playing French Bulldog. Fashionable, musically-inclined, what more could we want in a valentine?
  11. Frenchbulldog Valentine


  12. Hot Dawg! If our dog got behind the grill and cooked up hot dogs for us, we’d be his Valentine for life.
  13. Hot Dawg Valentine


  14. I’m getting all set for you, Valentine. We appreciate the extra effort to look great, but we love you just as you are Poodle!
  15. Poodle Valentine


  16. A Valentine. A sweet puppy wearing a tiny hat is a great treat for any Grandson.
  17. Vintage Puppy Valentine


  18. Rain or Shine! We wish our dog could carry an umbrella in the rain. We’re a little unsure about that extra set of eyes peering out from under the umbrella though.
  19. Vintage Dog Valentine

  20. My Heart is Yours. This sweet little puppy knows the truth. No matter who we have in our lives around Valentine’s Day, our hearts belong to the one for four-legs.
  21. Vintage Spaniel Valentine


  22. You are My Love Song. And you are ours, puppy.
  23. Vintage Puppy Valentine

     Birdhouse Books


  24. I’d cross the ocean to be with you. No need – we’ll come get you!
  25. Vintage Puppy Valentine


  26. It’s a sure sign I Love You. We love you too!
  27. Vintage Puppy Valentine


  28. You’ve Got Me Hooked! Who wouldn’t be hooked on a cute puppy like this?
  29. Vintage Puppy Valentine

     Running with a Glue Gun

  30. Hello Valentine. If our dog called us, we’d definitely answer.
  31. Vintage Puppy Valentine


  32. I’d be faithful to you. Dogs have the best qualities.
  33. Vintage Puppy Valentine

     Kitschy Kitschy Coo

  34. I’d try any trick to get a valentine like you. Tricks are great, but you only have to be yourself to be our valentine.
  35. Vintage Puppy Valentine


  36. Here’s a “hearty hope” that you will be my valentine. With a cute face like that, how could we not be?
  37. Vintage Puppy Valentine

     Eclectic Salvage

  38. Aw, c’mon! Who says dogs and cats can’t get along?
  39. Vintage Puppy Valentine

     Two Little Cavaliers

  40. Making no bones about it. No bones about it made here; we’ll definitely be your valentine.
  41. Vintage Puppy Valentine

     Hudsons Holidays

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