21 Dogs who Believe they are Running the North Pole

Everyone knows that dogs embody the Christmas spirit and have an uncanny ability to determine who's been naughty or nice

So it should come to no surprise that it’s dog running the show at the North Pole. Move over Santa Clause, cause Santa Paws is coming tonight.

Santa Paws

Is he smaller than you expected? You can’t tell us this makes less sense than a large, jolly man fitting himself down a chimney.

Santa Paws

 Mrs. Paws

Where would Santa be without a good, strong woman by his side?


Mrs. Clause dog


Santa’s Helper

For the days Christmas seems like just too much, Santa Paws can call on this guy to keep the drool-tide spirit in the air. 


Santa's Helper



The Elves

Posing for the annual office photo before chewing toys for all the girls and boys.


Holiday Dogs



Letting their hair down at the annual Chistmas party.  There is always one elf who can’t seem to keep his eyes off the ladies.   

Christmas Dogs


The Reindogs

He’s just so excited to get that sled in the air.

Dog Reindeer


Rudolph might get made fun of, but that red-nosed retriever is prepared for anything.

Rudpolph dog


 See what pet’s asked Santa Paws for this year:


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