20th Century Fox Discourages Impulsive Dog-Buying Decisions

American Humane and "Marley & Me" distributor remind potential dog owners to research and plan before they buy or adopt.

The 20th Century Fox film “Marley & Me,” which topped box office numbers over the Christmas weekend, tells the story of a Labrador Retriever whose loving nature inspires his owners. To raise public awareness about the increased number of dogs of a particular breed that are turned into shelters after being featured in such a film, American Humane and 20th Century Fox initiated a campaign.

The aftermath of past pet-related movies indicate that there may be a rise in the number of Labrador Retrievers purchased in the coming weeks. Films such as “101 Dalmatians,” “Beethoven,” and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” resulted in increased sales of Dalmatians, Saint Bernards, and Chihuahuas.

American Humane and 20th Century Fox urge moviegoers to carefully consider whether or not their lifestyle is conducive to owning a specific breed. Often, many dogs are turned into shelters after movies such as “Marley & Me” because the new owners did not realize how much care the dog would require and what his or her needs would be.

Before purchasing a dog, American Humane and 20th Century Fox also want to remind people about the importance of adopting a dog from a shelter or breed-rescue group. Labs are the most popular breed in the U.S and make wonderful companions, but often exhibit puppy-like behavior past the age of 2. Black Labs and Lab mixes tend to be adopted less than other dogs, and many animal shelters and rescues have a variety of them available for adoption.

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