2010 Non-Sporting Group Top Sires and Dams

The 2010 top sires and dams in the Non-Sporting Group and their champion offspring.


Sire: Ch. Kort-Mar Alpine Ragin’ Kajin
Owners: Sally Bedow, Jill Bedow

• Ch. Shalom Boaz
• Ch. Corsair-Besota Sky’s The Limit
• Ch. Kivas Miracle Goin For Th’gold
• Ch. Thunderpas Sheriff Of Salisbury
• Ch. Thundrpas Lady Fiona Alannah OA NAJ

Dam: Gracie’s Morning Star
Owners: Tammy Larsen, Madison Larsen

• Ch. Graces’ One With Courage
• Ch. Graces’ Initio Beautiful Angel

Dam: Snowpearls Spooky Littlegirl
Owners: Sandra L. Lein, Dick G. Lein

• Ch. Snowpearls Mr. Wokatou
• Ch. Snowpearls Zumi

Dam: Ch. Thunderpas Galadrial
Owner: Patrea L. Pabst

• Ch. Thunderpas Sheriff Of Salisbury
• Ch. Thundrpas Lady Fiona Alannah OA NAJ

Dam: Ch. A W D’s Hello, Dolly!
Owners: Diane Cowles, Tristan Cowles, Me Eichelberger

• Ch. Nrdc Whsprs Once In A Lifetime
• Ch. Nrdc Whsprs Countdown 2 Victory

Dam: Ch. Thundrpas Chawne Of Nuuktok CD
Owner: Sharon Robertson

• Ch. Nuuktok Sheezno Angel Of Tee’S
• Ch. Nuuktok’s Winter Sky

Dam: Ch. Silveroak’s First Impression
Owner: Arlene Grimes

• Ch. Silveroak’s Double Jeopardy
• Ch. Silveroak’s Double Delight

BICHONS FRISES   Back to top

Sire: Ch. Risgae Sweet’s Treat At Musicbox
Owners: Donna Jones, Harriet Pritchard, Carol Clouse

• Ch. Brereton’s Hugs And Kisses
• Ch. Four Oaks Smokin’ Hot
• Ch. Four Oaks I Wanna Go Fast!
• Ch. Jewelfire’s Casablanca Beauty
• Ch. Musicbox Main Squeeze From Jewelfire
• Ch. Miabella Hershey’s Reese’s Pieces
• Ch. Miabella Sweet Talk To Musicbox

Dam: Ch. Vogelflight’s The Stewardess
Owners: Kathie D. Vogel, Danielle Ardangna

• Ch. Vogelflight’s Tawyn Rosemary
• GCh. Vogelflight’s Taywyn Basil
• Ch. Vogelflight’s Shira Yuri Shogun

Dam: Ch. Paray’s Pingo D’Agua
Owners: Renata Drumond, Tray Pittman, Paul Flores

• Ch. Paray Pop Quiz
• Ch. Paray Appeal
• Ch. Drumhill’s Sex Apeel


Sire: Ch. Flashpoints Cosmic Ray
Owners: Jeri D. Good, Jill Ritchey

• Ch. Sunwoods Cosmic Starry Night
• Ch. Poseidia’s Cosmic Impact
• Ch. Kean-Gumbo’s Celestial Splendor
• Ch. Sunwoods Lucy In The Sky With Cosmic Diamonds
• Ch. Sunwoods Cosmic Explosion
• Ch. Rocco-Kean’s Classy Lady
• Ch. Victory Cosmic Cyber Skye

Dam: Ch. Gunther’s Purty Gertie RN
Owner: Brook Berth

• Ch. Gunther’s Little Miss Sunshine
• Ch. Gunther’s Pageant Queen Geraldine
• Ch. Gunther’s Gussied Up Edna

Dam: Garnet Rock Rain On Me For Kennedy
Owners: Vicki Kennedy, Sarah Kennedy

• Ch. Kennedy’s Poker Face
• GCh. Kennedy’s Noble Reign Of Good Will
• GCh. Kennedy’s How Sweet It Is At Mtnview

BULLDOGS   Back to top

Sire: Ch. Cherokee Legend Rock
Owners: Connie A. Chambers, Cody T. Sickle

• Ch. Cherokee Legend Louise
• GCh. Fairytale’s Rock Legend Elvis
• Ch. Hagar’s Rock A Bye Baby
• Ch. Cherokee Collins Reiver
• Ch. Mousers Willow
• Ch. Murphy’s Lady Charmin Of Windsor
• Ch. Steelebull I Wanna Be A Rock Star
• Ch. Chimera Wicked Good
• Ch. Bubby’s Remember Marjorie
• Ch. Lativa’s Spice Of Life V Barrister
• GCh. Exact Classic Kokie’s Velvet
• GCh. Exact Classic Kokie’s Brick

Sire: Ch. Silverspoons Nothing Personal
Owners: Mary Aiken, Rick Sturiza

• Ch. Decisive’s Little Spoon Spears
• Ch. Key To The Fighting Spears
• Ch. Kenacy Grand Valedictorian
• GCh. Silverspoon’s Sentimental Reasons
• Ch. Bantas Velvet Hammer
• Ch. Crazy-Love’s Constantine Angelus
• Ch. Bonds West Tech Jesse James
• Ch. Bonds West Tech Calamity Jane
• GCh. Doggone Omega’s Hurricane Rita
• Ch. Kenacy Grand Gambit
• Ch. Kenacy Grand Sugar
• Ch. Kenacy Grand Ring Leader

Dam: Ch. Loch Lomond Elizabeth
Owners: Kenneth Calloway, Stacy Calloway

• Ch. Kenacy Grand Valedictorian
• Ch. Kenacy Grand Gambit
• Ch. Kenacy Grand Sugar
• Ch. Kenacy Grand Ring Leader

CHINESE SHAR-PEI   Back to top

Sire: Ch. Jade East Mission To Mars
Owners: Loretta B. Anders, Karel R. Nijholt

• Ch. Tzo Wen’s The Beginning At Peijing
• Ch. Tzo Wens Sweet Baby Jane
• Ch. Tzo Wen And B&G On A Mission
• GCh. El Jay’s Red Hot ‘N Reckless
• Ch. R-Lee Mission To Broadway
• Ch. R-Lee Broadway’s Mission To Oz
• Ch. R-Lee Redstar Over Broadway
• Ch. Jade East Signed Sealed Delivered
• Ch. Jade East Man In The Mirror

Dam: Choayang Tequilasunrise At Asia
Owners: Lisa Lee Myers, Olga Navarro

• Ch. Asias I’M The Cuervo Gold
• Ch. Excalibur Divina
• Ch. Asias Peiday I’M The Patron’
• Ch. Asias The Trouble With Tequila
• Ch. Asias C’Mon Takemeto The Mardi Gras

CHOW CHOWS   Back to top

Sire: Ch. Sunburst Buzzing Right On By
Owners: Gwen Benz, Penny Kent, Harvey Kent

• Ch. Alexis Is Dreamin’ Of California
• Ch. Sunburst Buzz Word
• Ch. Nitkas Knockin On The Back Door Comin In The Front
• Ch. Geebee’s Lucky Charm O’Nitka
• Ch. Geebee’s King Solomon Aka Buzz Jr.

Dam: Ch. Flamingstar Simply The Best
Owner: Cathy Clapp

• Ch. Flamingstar Gloria
• Ch. Flamingstar Amazing Grace
• Ch. Vip’s Dare 2b Bare At Xishan
• GCh. Vip Sweet Surrender

DALMATIANS   Back to top

Sire: Ch. Monarch Snow Hill Aces High
Owners: Heather Carroll, Betty Carroll, Susanne Hughes D.V.M.

• Ch. Proctor’s Dappled Hi-Note
• Ch. Shayla’s King Of Hearts
• Ch. Dalmino’s Devil May Care
• Ch. Dalmino’s Secret Agent Man
• Ch. Rk’s N Xterra’s National Treasure
• Ch. Pokatalica’s Malibu Bay Breeze
• Ch. Pokatalica ‘N Monarch’s Queen B
• Ch. Pokatalica Dill Valley Riverrun
• GCh. Sweetspot Ht2sptbestbothworlds

Dam: Ch. Bret D Pokatalica Malibu Rum
Owners: Marie Zink, Michelle L. Jarus

• Ch. Pokatalicas Bret D Malibu Sensation
• Ch. Pokatalica’s Malibu Bay Breeze
• Ch. Pokatalica ‘N Monarch’s Queen B
• Ch. Pokatalica Dill Valley Riverrun
• Ch. Pokatalica’s Cinnamon Twist

FINNISH SPITZ   Back to top

Sire: Ch. Finkkila’s Puna Panu
Owners: Tom T. Walker, Marg G. Walker

• Ch. Finkkila’s Jasmir De Jayenn
• Ch. Finkkila’s Pentti

Sire: Ch. Velvet Hills Robbie
Owner: Mary J. Ellis

• Ch. Velvet Hills Razzmatazz
• Ch. Velvet Hills Koralli

Sire: GCh. Pikkinokka Badgr Sir Barksalot
Owners: Michelle Badger, Holly M. Leftwich

• Ch. Maru’s Three Fifty Ziva
• Ch. Badgerden’s Barkansas

Dam: Ch. Crowns Joulu Marjukka
Owners: Diane M. Helland, Shelby Helland

• Ch. Crowns All That Jazz
• Ch. Crowns Hephaestion

Dam: Ch. Skandia Icecaps Goldie Hawn
Owners: Mary Ellis

• Ch. Velvet Hills Razzmatazz
• Ch. Velvet Hills Koralli

Dam: Ch. Finkkila’s Muff
Owners: Tom T. Walker, Marg G. Walker

• GCh. Finkkila’s Nalle Poika
• Ch. Finkkila’s Tessu of Muff


Sire: Ch. Robobull Fabelhaft Inferno
Owner: James Dalton

• Ch. Fabelhaft Kat’Nahot Tin Roof
• Ch. Robobull Fabelhaft Hot Pursuit
• Ch. Bugaboo Belboulecan Paso Doble
• Ch. Shore This Is It
• Ch. Shore Hot Cross Buns
• Ch. Fabelhaft Robobull Luv-A-Bull
• Ch. Robobull Fire On The Nile

Sire: Ch. Lebull’s Fargo
Owner: Arlie Alford Toye

• Ch. New Hope’s Biba’s Dolce My Sweet Girl
• Ch. My Oh My Jalee’s Intimidator
• Ch. Chitawee’s He’s Closer Than You Think!
• Ch. Tumbleweed’s Thanksgiving Eve
• Ch. New Hope’s Angelica Heaven’s Hope
• Ch. Lefox Merry Wanna
• GCh. Lefox Born To Boogie

Dam: Katandy’s Harmony Evergreen
Owners: Jane Flowers, Stanley D. Flowers

• Ch. Evergreen’s Cause For Applause
• Ch. Evergreen’s Work Of Art
• Ch. Evergreen’s Honey Glazed Hamlet
• Ch. Evergreen’s Dirty Dancing

KEESHONDEN   Back to top

Sire: GCh. Daimler’s Caviar Dreams
Owners: Terry Benz, Diane Benz

• Ch. Daimler Secret Of T’Night
• Ch. Daimler’s Truly Top Secret CD RE AX AXJ OF
• Ch. Kemont’s Grand Prize RN
• Ch. Cinnakees Champagne Wishes
• Ch. Daimler’s Rocket’s Red Glare
• Ch. Daimler’s Viva La Vegas
• Ch. Kj’s Livin The Dream
• Ch. Kj’s Dream Date
• Ch. Daimler’s Louis XIII De Rémy Martin

Dam: Twin Trees Rhythm Of The Rain
Owner: Karen Evasuik

• Ch. Karina’s One Hot Ticket
• Ch. Twin Trees Hot To Trot
• Ch. Twin Trees Shoot For The Moon

Dam: Ch. Astarz All That Glitters
Owners: Donna Stekli, Lemuel Burnett, Kathryn Barker

• Ch. Astarz Once Upon A Time NAP
• Ch. Astarz Twist Of Fate For Cadance
• Ch. Astarz Pure Imagination NJP

Dam: Ch. Summerwind’s Sicilian Delight RN NAJ
Owners: Jean Gauchat-Hargis, Joshua Hargis

• Ch. Summerwind’s Rigatoni
• Ch. Summerwind’s Sonic Boom
• Ch. Summerwind’s Maximum Velocity

Dam: Ch. Kj’s Purrogative
Owner: Kristen Dowd

• Ch. Kj’s Livin The Dream
• Ch. Kj’s Dream Date
• GCh. Kj’s Its Nothing Purrsonal

LHASA APSOS   Back to top

Sire: Ch. Sundancer Shotru Bilbo B
Owners: Thomas H. Worlton, Marsha Worlton

• Ch. Sundancer Shotru Thriler
• Ch. Sundancer Hylan Shotru Secret Dawn
• Ch. Sundancer Wana Know A Secret
• Ch. Hylan Shotru Kumi Kian Dream Beau
• Ch. Hylan Shotru Riverview Remarkable Dream

Dam: Ch. Samara’s Cloud Dancer
Owner: Sami Payne

• Ch. Samara’s Dance Me To The End Of Love
• Ch. Samara’s Sweet Sophia
• Ch. Samara’s Honey Buff

Dam: Ch. Mysta’s Ja-Ma Forever Amber RN
Owners: Dolores M. Reich, Gary C. Reich

• Ch. Mysta’s On Top Of The Roof
• Ch. Mysta’s Thanksgiving’s Gift
• Ch. Mysta’s Pride Of Thanksgiving

Dam: Ch. Joy’s Karlyn Kiss My Ashley
Owner: Karen L. Schlais

• Ch. Karlyn Joyslyn Who’s The Fairest
• Ch. Karlyn’s Born To Be Wild
• Ch. Karlyn Golden Tu Ace Of Spades

Dam: Ch. Nuseng Walkin Ms Daisey
Owners: Fran Strayer, Trudy M. Lasart

• Ch. Nuseng’s Mustang Sally Singdu
• Ch. Nuseng’s Catch Me If You Can
• Ch. Nuseng’s I Walk On Water Too

Dam: Ch. Sharil Solar Nrg
Owners: Cherlynn Jozwick, Amy J. Andrews

• Ch. Sharil Full Of Beans
• Ch. Sharil Coffee Bean
• Ch. Sharil Silly Bean

Dam: Ch. Kumi Kian Candy Coated
Owners: Tia McLaughlin, Ann Lanterman

• Ch. Kumi Kian Candy Man
• Ch. Kumi Kian Candy Land
• Ch. Kumi Kian Candy Kisses At Mion

LOWCHEN   Back to top

Sire: Ch. Bihar Ivytree ‘N Marshvu Louie
Owner: Carol A. Strong

• Ch. Windsor Bihar Rain Drop
• Ch. Dungloe Bihar Talisker On The Rocks
• Ch. Dungloe Bihar Middleton Very Rare
• Ch. Dungloe Bihar Cragganmore
• Ch. Tapestry Bihar Vera Wang At Shaydee
• Ch. Tapestry Bihar Strike A Pose

Dam: Bihar’s E-Z Woman
Owners: Danielle N. Tallman, Carol A. Strong

• Ch. Dungloe Bihar Talisker On The Rocks
• Ch. Dungloe Bihar Middleton Very Rare
• Ch. Dungloe Bihar Cragganmore

Dam: Ch. Fox Lane’s My Girl
Owner: Mary C. Billman

• Ch. Fox Lane’s Cinn A Buns
• Ch. Fox Lane’s Winter Wind
• Ch. Musicbox Classical Masterpiece


Sire: Ch. Zelon Driving Miz Daisy Crazy
Owners: Denise Yvonne Wilson, Kathleen E. Poe

• Ch. Stonewood Kellie Girl
• Ch. Bar King’s Cinbren The Gatekeeper
• Ch. Surrey Brown Sugar
• Ch. Surrey Sugar And Spice
• Ch. Meri-Mill’s Chasing A Dream
• Ch. Bar King’s Fair Isle Shiro Kuma

Dam: Ch. Reignon Dassin Rosalyn
Owners: Joseph Vergnetti, Bonny Datema

• Ch. Tulip Gardens Dassin Roselyn
• Ch. Tulip Gardens Dassin Joan Jett
• Ch. Dassin Mama’s Little Angel

Dam: Ch. Parade Processional
Owners: Nancy Kay Thorvilson, Katherine Kinowski, Debra Mapes

• Ch. Parade Lyric Serenade
• Ch. Parade On The Boardwalk
• Ch. Parade Enough Said

Dam: Ch. Dassin Tiramisu Of Bonjos
Owners: Joseph Vergnetti, Carol Gabriel, Ervan Gabriel

• Ch. Dassin-Gabesway Alexandro
• GCh. Dassin Ava Gardner
• Ch. Dassin Hillwood Bailey Banks

Dam: Mar-B The Primadonna
Owner: Elizabeth Brown

• Ch. Donnchada Walking On Air
• Ch. Makays Masterpiece In Brown
• GCh. Donnchada Monkey Business

Dam: Ch. Forever Karadale Goin’ All The Way
Owner: Joyce M. Haggett

• Ch. Karadale’s Madfir Satin
• Ch. Karadale Walk This Way
• Ch. Lavandaire Storm Maiden

POODLES (STANDARD)   Back to top

Sire: Ch. Boxwood Brainteaser
Owners: Christine Nethery, Brian Nethery

• Ch. Alaman’s Showgirls Just Parade
• Ch. Boxwood Brilliantine
• Ch. Alaman The Bees Knees
• Ch. Alaman Boxwood Basketball
• Ch. Alaman’s View From The Top
• Ch. Judge’s Queen Of The Surf

Dam: Ch. Litilann’s Picture This
Owner: Ann E. Rairigh

• Ch. Litilann’s Picture Perfect
• Ch. Litilann’s Paparazzi
• Ch. Litilann’s Picture The Moment
• Ch. Litilann’s The Big Picture
• Ch. Litilann Boxwood Picture That

SCHIPPERKES   Back to top

Sire: Ch. Daradan’s Storm Chaser
Owner: Dara Wilcox

• Ch. Daradan’s Katydid It
• Ch. Delamer’s Storm Shadow
• Ch. Heart-Throbs Midnight Cowboy
• Ch. Daradan’s Should Have Been A Cowboy
• Ch. Daradan’s Outlaw Trail To Fullmoon

Dam: Ch. Starship’s Batteries Included
Owner: Theresa Hahn

• Ch. Starship’s Sun’N In The Sea-Breez
• Ch. Starship’s Law N’ Order
• Ch. Starship’s Sugar And Spice

SHIBA INU   Back to top

Sire: GCh. Jogoso’s Notorious
Owners: Susanne Ozasa, Glen Ozasa

• Ch. Jogoso’s Ella Enchanted
• Ch. Hanabi No Akihime Go Nichibeisou
• Ch. Jogoso’s Three Part Harmony
• Ch. Tenko’s Mochi’s Got Moxie Couture

Dam: Lee-Fen’s Bewitched Again
Owner: Cheryl Lee Giffin

• Ch. Lee-Fen’s Sending X & O
• Ch. Lee-Fen’s An Everlasting Love

Dam: Ch. Roscka’s Maryoku
Owner: Carla Ross

• Ch. Roscka’s Silent Thunder
• Ch. Roscka’s Kokoro No Sensai

Dam: Kiriko Go Maroon Shiba
Owners: Joan Morningstar, Betty Rarick

• Ch. Morningstar Hoshi At Koyotes
• Ch. Morningstar Peach In Pink

Dam: Haguro No Akanehime Go Chuuou Hagurosou
Owner: Joan Morningstar

• Ch. Morningstar Suzu Chousei Sou
• Ch. Morningstar’s The Spy Who Loved Me

Dam: Ch. Katai’s Yukiko Hime Go
Owner: Bonnie Gibbons

• Ch. Katai’s Trouble With A Capital T
• GCh. Katai’s Screamin’ Mimi

Dam: Ch. Kukuna Go Hauoli Shiba
Owners: Ray Hagiwara, Lio Hagiwara, Yumi Hagiwara

• Ch. Noah Hauoli Shiba
• Ch. Kanani Hauoli Shiba

Dam: Ch. Taichung Desert Jewel Tibbs
Owner: Mary Hager

• Ch. Kishi’s Tricky Trixie
• Ch. Kishi’s Kenji Tai-San Schisel

Dam: Ch. Shandell Jezebel
Owner: Shirley Shannon

• Ch. Shandell Lupine Spirit Of America
• Ch. Shandell Dawn’s Early Light


Sire: Ch. Ziestan Tiny Tao
Owners: Pamela Glave, Karen Hand

• Ch. Lin Chi Luck Of The Draw
• Ch. Lin Chi Tuqute Seven Cardstud
• Ch. Tuqute Kaje’s Hello Josephine Oaks
• Ch. Oak’s Tugute Domino Effect Nikoniko
• Ch. Tuqute’s Stocking Stuffer For Dkyar
• Ch. Oak’s Tuqute Sargent Pepper
• Ch. Oak’s Tuqute Jomocha Latte

Dam: Ch. Ambrier’s Tibroke’s Feel Me Up
Owners: Mallory Cosby Driskill, Kay F. Dickeson

• GCh. Ambrier’s Tin-Man My Jekyll Doesn’t Hyde At Tuqute
• Ch. Ambrier’s Tin-Man Feel My Desire
• Ch. Ambrier’s Tin-Man Luigi Plays The Game
• GCh. Ambrier’s Tin-Man Johnny Reb


Sire: Ch. Barnstorm’s In The Black PFT
Owners: Patricia Bernardo, Lynn Meyer

• Ch. Barnstorm Sim-Pa Ly Wicked By Dzine
• Ch. Barnstorm Golden Treasure By Dzine
• Ch. Barnstorm’s Gold Dust By Dzine
• Ch. Barnstorm Sim Pa Ly Sparkles By Dzine

Sire: Ch. Merryway’s Midnight Magic Myst
Owner: Charlene S. Wagner

• Ch. Tashi’s Maid Of The Myst
• Ch. Tashi’s Sir Charles Of Riverton
• Ch. Lyrac’s Magical Numbers
• Ch. Lyrac’s Magical Calypso Melody

Sire: Ch. Atisha’s Blanc De Noir
Owners: Sheryl P. Rutledge, Sasha Schultis

• Ch. Regalia’s Race Is On
• Ch. Atisha’s Cerise Noire Of Euphoria
• Ch. Euphoria’s On A Roll From Atisha
• Ch. Rinchen’s Xo Excellent Journey

Sire: Ch. Sunclipse Becuz Chix Dig It
Owner: Donna L. Ogden

• Ch. Cedar Creek Hooray For Hazel
• Ch. Kha-Ling’s The Charmed One
• Ch. Kha-Ling’s Flying Without Wings
• Ch. Cedar Creek Cowboy Casanova

Dam: Ch. Barnstorm Bwitching By Dzine
Owners: Lynn Allway, Michael Allway, Patricia Bernardo, Mary Lou Lafler

• Ch. Barnstorm Sim-Pa Ly Wicked By Dzine
• Ch. Barnstorm Golden Treasure By Dzine
• Ch. Barnstorm’s Gold Dust By Dzine
• Ch. Barnstorm 1st Edition At To-Jo & Adominos By Dzine

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