2008 Toy Group Top Sires and Dams

The 2008 top sires and dams in the Toy Group and their champion offspring.

Based on AKC records from Jan. 1, 2008 through Dec. 31, 2008


Sire: Ch. Tamarin Travis
Owners: Jacqueline L. Stacy & W. Terry Stacy

  • Ch. Afpint The Real Mccoy
  • Ch. Tamarin Towntalk Nyteflyte
  • Ch. Tamarin Thistle
  • Ch. Tamarin Teabiscuit

Dam: Ch. Ferlins Epic Endeavor
Owner: Linda M. Ferris

  • Ch. Ferlin’s Forward Hope
  • Ch. Ferlin’s It’s All About Me
  • Ch. Ferlin’s Adda B The One


Sire: Ch. Runor’s Ink’a’dink’a’due
Owner: Ruth Spindler

  • Ch. Giggles Quetzalcoatl
  • Ch. Desert Skies Cosmic Galaxy
  • Ch. Desertmagic Chase’N The Dream
  • Ch. Desertmagic’s Happy Feet At Siesta

Sire: Ch. St Johns Your Name In Lights
Owners: Jill D. Booth, Jeffery Bazell, Jeffrey Kestner

  • Ch. Doveland The Shaman
  • Ch. St Johns Standing Novation
  • Ch. St Johns The Chimney Sweep
  • Ch. Fist Face’s Woot Woot

Sire: Ch. Hilltop’s Achy Breaky Heart
Owners: Cheryl A. Stevens & Robert E. Stevens

  • Ch. K Dee B’s Wooly Bully
  • Ch. Cherwyn’s One Hot Mamma
  • Ch. Cherwyn’s Smooth Operator
  • Ch. Cherwyn’s Firehouse Chili Pepper

Dam: St Johns Pull Your Chain
Owners: Jeffery Bazell & Jeffrey Kestner

  • Ch. St Johns Standing Novation
  • Ch. St Johns The Chimney Sweep

Dam:Ch. Adamis Flower Power
Owner: Elizabeth Kenney

  • Ch. Stonewyn’s The Ring Bearer
  • Ch. Silvermist Will’s Heaven Sent

Dam: Ch. Lil Rok’s American Idol
Owners: Leslie Stone & Valerie Humbird

  • Ch. Sunny Bear’s Because Of You
  • Ch. Sunny Bear’s Lord Of The Ruff

Dam: Ch. Runors Paragons Button’N’Bows
Owner: Kathy A. Fleener

  • Ch. Paragons Bewitched’N’Bedazzled
  • Ch. Paragons Bustin A Move

Dam: Moonlight Infatuation
Owner: Paula Henson

  • Ch. Cloud Nine Ruff N Rowdy
  • Ch. Cloud Nine Happy Hour

Dam: Ch. Ingram’s Some Like It Hot
Owner: Stephanie Ingram

  • Ch. Ingram’s Sweet As Candy
  • Ch. Ingram’s Mighty Heart

Dam: Ch. Aliso’s Kaching Of Cashin
Owner: Felicia Cashin

  • Ch. Cashin’s Walk The Line
  • Ch. Cashin’s Little Ska-Dash

Dam: Ch. Sleepyhollow’s Fender Bender
Owner: Jaye Schultz

  • Ch. Sleepyhollow Hit N Run To Cherwyn
  • Ch. Sleepyhollow Tupelo No Jacket R’Qired

Dam: Ch. Moonlight’s Miss Torri
Owner: Ann Shirley

  • Ch. Moonlights I’Ll Take A Latte
  • Ch. Texann’s Cutie Pa-Tootie

Dam: Ch. Doveland Insouciance
Owners: Jill D. Booth, Harold E. Booth, Jeff Bazell, Jeff Kestner

  • Ch. Doveland’s Aladdin’s Magic
  • Ch. Doveland Sparkleberry Holly

Dam: Diablesse La Belle Liberty
Owner: Leila Anichini-Downen

  • Ch. Diablesse La Belle Francine
  • Ch. Diablesse Le Beau Francis

Dam: Ch. Topstar Tonic
Owners: Scott E. Perry & Lyn A. Ruth

  • Ch. Topstar Trump
  • Ch. Gingersnap Grandstand Man


Sire: Ch. Pascavale Pancho
Owners: Paula L. Ayers & Brenda Martz

  • Ch. Dovetail Debanair
  • Ch. Dovetail Diva
  • Ch. Brookhaven Macgreggor
  • Ch. Star Spangle Dauntless
  • Ch. Stepamgar’s Felicity
  • Ch. Brookhaven Chancellor At Monticello
  • Ch. Harmony Music Of The Heart
  • Ch. Signatures Stand And Deliver
  • Ch. Signatures Last Man Standing

Dam: Flying Colors Jpeg
Owner: Juli L. Bennett

  • Ch. Flying Colors Sony Cybershot
  • Ch. Hillwood Casio Exilim
  • Ch. Hillwood Cannon Rebel
  • Ch. Hillwood Samsung Digimax


Sire: Ch. Ouachitah Touch The Gold
Owners: Donna Anthony & Linda George

  • Ch. Ouachitah Intimate Affair
  • Ch. Ouachitah Chasing Rainbows
  • Ch. Rafina Shooting Star
  • Ch. Ouachitah Lady’s Secret
  • Ch. Ouachitah Just A Game

Sire: Ch. Dazzles Taylor Made
Owner: Donna J. Jensen

  • Ch. Dazzles Texas Jackpot
  • Ch. Dazzles Texas Tornado
  • Ch. Dazzles Rags To Riches
  • Ch. Hack’s Pack Dream Catcher
  • Ch. Hack’s Pack Just Morgan

Dam: Tiny Mite’s Say Your Prayers
Owner: Maria D. Sulecki

  • Ch. Aurora’s Singin’ In Harmony
  • Ch. Aurora’s Laced With Harmony
  • Ch. Aurora’s By The Light Of The Moon


Sire: Ch. Dartan Grand Slam
Owners: Darwin L. Delaney & Tanya Y. Delaney

  • Ch. Joli’s O’ Henry
  • Ch. Chickchoc Fauna Lu Felicity
  • Ch. Shorepointe’s L’Il Rascal
  • Ch. Weaver’s Simply Divine
  • Ch. Valhalla Wickedly Grand
  • Ch. Chikita Bases Loaded S
  • Ch. Calmont’s Dartan One And Only
  • Ch. Dazzles Texas Slugger

Dam: Ch. Burgundy Lil Skyla
Owners: Kristie Wheeler & Vernon A. Wheeler

  • Ch. Zuran’s Skys The Limit
  • Ch. Zuran’s Sky King
  • Ch. Zuran’s Reigning Sky
  • Ch. Zuran’s Liv’ N Large


Sire: Ch. Shida Hears A Who At Wocket
Owner: Karen Fischer

  • Ch. Crest-Vue’s Enough Said At Risin Star
  • Ch. Crest-Vue Aint Nothin Like Jack
  • Ch. Crest-Vue This Buds For You
  • Ch. Crest-Vue’s Dream’N Big
  • Ch. Crest-Vue’s Sharing The Dream
  • Ch. Crest-Vue’s Fire N Ice

Dam: Ch. Silkyence Heart Song
Owner: Janice Chaffin-Bell

  • Ch. Silkyence Celebrate With Me
  • Ch. Silkyence Something To Celebrate
  • Ch. Silkyence A Reason To Celebrate

Dam: Ch. Pufn’stufs Bare Necessities
Owner: Barbara Bittner

  • Ch. Puf  N Stuf’s  Orient  Express  Hl
  • Ch. Pufnstuf’s The Conductor
  • Ch. Pufnstuf Joint Venture To Sunwind


Sire: Ch. Loujon Backroad Adventure
Owners: Jamie Ward & Karen Miller

  • Ch. Danaho’s Mis-Adventure
  • Ch. Loujon Backroads To Paris
  • Ch. Loujon Backroad Monique
  • Ch. Loujon Backroad To The Circus
  • Ch. Alavour Barbara
  • Ch. Alavour Baker
  • Ch. Loujon Backroads To Vilfloriane

Dam: Ch. Dixie Acres Belle Of The Ball
Owners: Wendy Goddyn, John R. Wood Jr., Jerome A. Elliott

  • Ch. Cheri-A Wingo Lord Olivier
  • Ch. Cheri-A Wingo Lord O’Henry Marchog
  • Ch. Cheri-A Wingo Lady O’Hara
  • Ch. Cheri-A Wingo Lord Oxford
  • Ch. Cheri-A Wingo Lord Oscar


Sire: Ch. Suruca’s Somebody To Love
Owners: Bruce J Van Deman & Susan R. Jackson

  • Ch. Southdown Nevertheless
  • Ch. Eli-Fran’s Lady Camilla
  • Ch. Eli-Fran’s Sir Bruce RA NA NAJ

Sire: Ch. Adair’s Black Phillip
Owner: Rachel H. Pehr

  • Ch. Sirius’ Funny Li’L Redhead
  • Ch. Beauprix Merry Prankster
  • Ch. Brynmar’s Red Desert Rose

Sire: Ch. Arnaud Des Vercheres De Montdidier
Owner: Sandra L. Hughes

  • Ch. Row-Sand’s Lady Princess Diana
  • Ch. Row-Sand’s Lady Lavender
  • Ch. Row-Sand’s Sir Black Knight

Dam: Ch. Adair’s Black Storm
Owner: Shelly L. Hepler

  • Ch. Novel Fantasy At Flivver
  • Ch. Novels Etched In Stone

Dam: Ch. Adair’s Black Freedom
Owner: Rachel H. Pehr

  • Ch. Sirius’ Red Dallas
  • Ch. Sirius’ Black And Golden Girl


Sire: Ch. Los Perritos Wee Pantaloons
Owner: Lynn Nieto

  • Ch. Namaskar Circle Of Life
  • Ch. Mischiefs Tantrums & Tiara’S
  • Ch. Fairways In A Blaze Of Glory Of Lp
  • Ch. Los Perritos Osita China (Panda)
  • Ch. Los Perritos-Shallowbrook Heir I Am
  • Ch. Los Perritos Heir Apparent
  • Ch. Wynmark’s First Act-Carmen
  • Ch. Sandcastle’s Did It Again
  • Ch. Sineades Armani Designer Genes
  • Ch. Los Perritos Wee Bit O’ Pan
  • Ch. Los Perritos Cradle Me
  • Ch. Los Perritos Paniolo Noho Lio

Dam: Ch. La Karis’ Paray Pizzazz
Owners: Tray Pittman, Paul Flores, Barbara Vann

  • Ch. Paray Crime And Punishment
  • Ch. Paray Miss Attitude Del-Paraiso
  • Ch. Charbar Sneak Preview
  • Ch. Charbar’s Remember My Name


Sire: Ch. Valentino Rocco
Owners: Steven Leisz, Kathryn Leisz, Mark Lucas

  • Ch. Integra Evergreen Treasure Island
  • Ch. Integra’s Ring Of Fire
  • Ch. Lorac Sweet William
  • Ch. Lorac Maggi Magnolia
  • Ch. Integra’s Purple Passion
  • Ch. Mystik 007

Dam:Ch. Halos KC A League Of Her Own
Owners: Camille L. Bakker & Jim Lowe

  • Ch. Kc’s Shake Your Groove Thing
  • Ch. Kc’s Groovy Kinda’ Love
  • Ch. Kc’s Feelin’ Groovy

Dam: Ch. Grazia’s Play Fare – Taxi
Owner: Grace Z. Thebaut

  • Ch. Grazia’s No Autographs-Please!
  • Ch. Grazia’s Spotlight Sashay
  • Ch. Grazia’s Diva Licious D’Mente’

Dam: Ch. Sonata’s Talk Of The Town JC
Owners: Sally Poole & Timothy Lehman

  • Ch. Windshift Red Baron
  • Ch. Windshift Who Are You Bo Bett
  • Ch. Windshift Bo-Bett Brother Bob

Dam: Ch. Deerfield Dancing In The Dark
Owner: Darlene K. Wallace

  • Ch. Deerfield’s Born In The Usa
  • Ch. Deerfield’s Jackson Cage
  • Ch. Deerfield’s She’s The One

Dam: Ch. Winsome Divine Madness
Owner: Patricia L. Triandos

  • Ch. Winsome Talk About Me
  • Ch. Winsome Look At Me
  • Ch. Winsome Loranne What About Me

Dam: Ch. Anthony’s Poetic Edda O Alfheim
Owners: Avery McLeod& Stephanie McLeod

  • DC Alfheim’s King Of The Wind SC
  • Ch. Alfheims All Things Considered
  • Ch. Alfheims Prarie Home Companion


Sire: Ch. Homerbrent Junsui-Na
Owners: Sherri Meyer, Meredith Johnson-Snyder, Dr. Leanne Bertani

  • Ch. Kelaury Xanadu
  • Ch. Victory Hellna Hand Basket
  • Ch. Victory Next Of Chin
  • Ch. Victory Katai At Draco
  • Ch. Victory Viceroy Of Kirin

Dam: Chindale Ceili Femme Fatale
Owners: Victor Cohen & Leslie Ann Engen

  • Ch. Chindales Frazier At Overlook
  • Ch. Victory Hellna Hand Basket
  • Ch. Victory Next Of Chin
  • Ch. Victory Katai At Draco
  • Ch. Victory Viceroy Of Kirin


Sire: Ch. Rhapsody’s Jokers Are Wild
Owners: Tonia Holibaugh & Barbara Davis

  • Ch. Riverwalk Strip Poker
  • Ch. Rhapsody’s Maltangel Year Of Jubilee
  • Ch. Rhapsody’s Too Many Remarks
  • Ch. Rhapsody’s Unforgettable Fire
  • Ch. Rhapsody’s The Stakes Are High
  • Ch. Rhapsody’s Veranda First Flight

Sire: Ch. Marcris Don Juan
Owner: Joyce Watkins

  • Ch. Marcris Promise Of Love
  • Ch. Marcris Power Of Love
  • Ch. Donryn Thief Of Hearts
  • Ch. Tnt&Marcris&Seaside’s A Summer Place
  • Ch. Marcris Lover’s Trade Mark
  • Ch. Jambet Love N Kisses Of Marcris

Dam: Rhapsody’s Flirty Remark
Owner: Tonia Holibaugh

  • Ch. Rhapsody’s Maltangel Year Of Jubilee
  • Ch. Rhapsody’s Too Many Remarks
  • Ch. Rhapsody’s Unforgettable Fire


Sire: Ch. Burmack’s  Pumpkin Pie
Owners: James G. Burrows Jr. & Patrick R. Mackesey

  • Ch. Burmack’s I Do Declare
  • Ch. Burmack’s Loving Annabelle
  • Ch. Burmack’s Shoofly Pie
  • Ch. Burmack Absolut Handle Your Scandal
  • Ch. Burmack’s Strike A Wink
  • Ch. Burmack’s No Foolin St Nick

Dam:Ch. Saint Lazar’s Clarice
Owners: Wanda Walker & Charles A. Walker Jr.

  • Ch. Saint Lazar’s Charley Baltimore
  • Ch. Saint Lazar’s Happy Days
  • Ch. Saint Lazar’s Howln At The Moon

Dam: Ch. Saint Lazar’s Serena
Owners: Wanda Walker & Charles Walker

  • Ch. Saint Lazar Diamonds R Forever
  • Ch. St Lazar Never Say Never
  • Ch. Saint Lazar For Your Eyes Only

Dam: Ch. Ebets Mint Julep At Kismet RA
Owner: Mary Gonzalez

  • Ch. Kismet’s Cruisin The Stars
  • Ch. Kismet’s Cruisin The Night
  • Ch. Kismet’s Cruisin The Town RA


Sire: Ch. Kimro’s Toy Soldier
Owners: Robin Greenslade, Howard Schwell, Kim Calvacca

  • Ch. Kimro’s Taylor Maid
  • Ch. Kimro’s Top Gun
  • Ch. Pinpaps Little Toy Soldier
  • Ch. Satin Burning Ember V Pinpap
  • Ch. Valdon’s Keeper Of The Crown
  • Ch. Valdon’s Glory Bound
  • Ch. Valdon’s Mister Fancy Pants
  • Ch. Valdon’s Batteries Included
  • Ch. Shadowmist’s Private Benjamin
  • Ch. Kimro’s G. I . Joe
  • Ch. Valdon’s Private Collection

Dam: Ch. Valdon’s Copied For Success
Owner: Joan Krumm

  • Ch. Valdon’s Keeper Of The Crown
  • Ch. Valdon’s Glory Bound
  • Ch. Valdon’s Mister Fancy Pants
  • Ch. Valdon’s Batteries Included
  • Ch. Valdon’s Private Collection

Dam: Ch. Marlex Wild Lismar
Owners: Lisa Angelbello & Armando Angelbello

  • Ch. Marlex Lulin Mimosa
  • Ch. Marlex Lulin Mojito
  • Ch. Marlex Blackjack
  • Ch. Marlex Midnight Joy
  • Ch. Marlex Margarita


Sire: Ch. Namaste Queen Bless Villa Incognito
Owners: Shay PaskVan, Joe PaskVan, Lorelei Bayless, Elizabeth Pyatte

  • Ch. Prana Gateway To Excellence
  • Ch. Prana Louisiana Bayou Beauty
  • Ch. Hallmark’s Peter The Great
  • Ch. Fenice Out Of The Blue
  • Ch. Old Rivers Tango With Calivar
  • Ch. Waytogo’s Matinee Idol
  • Ch. Waytogo’s I Walk The Line

Dam: Ch. Paris Princess Flutter Wings
Owners: Paula Cox & Mary Kendall Maginnis

  • Ch. Copella’s Smoking Aces
  • Ch. Copella’s Beauty Mark
  • Ch. Copella’s Rising Attraction
  • Ch. Copella’s Whisper In My Ear

Dam: Ch. Lamonia’s Joice
Owners: Paula Ray, Kevin Ray, Barbara Blatt

  • Ch. Marquis In A Perfect World
  • Ch. Marquis All The Best
  • Ch. Marquis Signature Style
  • Ch. Marquis On The Cat Walk


Sire: Ch. Yakee Forward Step At Pleiku
Owner: Elizabeth A. Tilley

  • Ch. Fandic A Step Above The Best
  • Ch. Fandic Benaires Mis Elphasun
  • Ch. Lounar Miss Addie-Tude
  • Ch. Lounar Step’N Out In Elegance
  • Ch. Lounar Elegant Attire

Dam: Ch. Lounar Pagoda Elegant Belle
Owner: I. Louise Harden

  • Ch. Lounar Why Not
  • Ch. Lounar Miss Addie-Tude
  • Ch. Lounar Step’N Out In Elegance
  • Ch. Lounar Elegant Attire


Sire: Ch. Pufpride Sweet Dreams
Owner: Diane L. Finch

  • Ch. Noble’s Sweet Talker
  • Ch. Finch’s Day Dreams
  • Ch. Starfire’s Latin Dancer
  • Ch. Park Aves Red Hard And Delicious
  • Ch. Finch’s Check Me Out
  • Ch. Finch’s She’s Not That Innocent
  • Ch. Finch’s Black Satin Dreams
  • Ch. Finch’s One Smart Cookie
  • Ch. Finch’s All American Girl

Dam: Ch. Great Rivers Tiamo Lets Hav A Ball
Owner: Sharon Yampiro

  • Ch. Great Rivers Beau D’Licious
  • Ch. Great Rivers N Viktres Beau-Nita
  • Ch. Great Rivers Rain-Beau-Brite
  • Ch. Great Rivers Ooh La La


Sire: Ch. Darbin’s Michanda Lou-Walk Jami
Owners: Michael Cobane & Lori Winans

  • Ch. Louwalk Birdsong Funny Cide
  • Ch. Louwalk Legend In Time
  • Ch. Michanda’s They Call Me Flavio
  • Ch. Lorwin Born In The Usa
  • Ch. Lordemar Chloe Stylishly Stunning
  • Ch. Chudan’s White Diamonds

Dam: Ch. Bradlene’s Bubbles Delight
Owners: Bradley Odagiri & Arlene A. Odagiri

  • Ch. Bradlene’s Crystal Delight
  • Ch. Bradlene’s Rocky Delight
  • Ch. Bradlene’s Passion Delight
  • Ch. Bradlene’s Cheri Delight At Rejim


Sire: Ch. Tupelo Triple Crown
Owners: Cindy White & Patti Kolesar

  • Ch. J-K Tupelo Ice Princess
  • Ch. Pinkk Heez Got The Look
  • Ch. Pinkk Look At Me Now
  • Ch. Pinkk Made U Look
  • Ch. Pinkk Here’s Look N at U
  • Ch. Pinkk Doent Look Back
  • Ch. Belaire’s Moulin Rouge

Dam: Ch. Regal’s Miss Wynsum In Pink
Owner: Karen M. Thompson

  • Ch. Pinkk Heez Got The Look
  • Ch. Pinkk Look At Me Now
  • Ch. Pinkk Made U Look
  • Ch. Pinkk Here’s Look N at U
  • Ch. Pinkk Doent Look Back


Sire: Ch. Xeralane’s Face Of An Angel
Owner: Xeralane Knl

  • Ch. Xeralane’s Controversial Face
  • Ch. Xeralane’s Doll Face
  • Ch. Xeralane’s Yummy Face
  • Ch. Xeralane’s Face The Music
  • Ch. Xeralane’s Face The Promise
  • Ch. Xeralane’s Face Of Glory

Dam: Ch. Ming Dynasty Wang’s No Idea
Owner: Douglas Wang

  • Ch. Wang’s Eighth Wonder
  • Ch. Wang’s Yankee Forty
  • Ch. Wang’s Cherish The Fantasy

Dam: Ch. Krissy’s Ring Of Dreams
Owner: Karen L. Bey

  • Ch. Tybee Or Not To Be
  • Ch. Tybee Let’s Make A Deal
  • Ch. Krissy’s Tybee Dream Machine


Sire: Ch. Amron’s Bear Hugger
Owners: Gerry Angeli, Norma Baugh, Diane Angeli

  • Ch. Monet’s Lady Day
  • Ch. Sunset’s Gone With The Wind
  • Ch. Amron’s Sunset Bear In Disguise
  • Ch. Amron’s Red Octobear
  • Ch. Amron’s P.I.A. Bear

Dam: Mi-Own Glorycole Heather
Owners: Gloria J. Coleman & Mary S. Isabel

  • Ch. Cypressmi-Ohn Cahill Of Dreams
  • Ch. Cypressmi-Ohn Hill’s Angels

Dam: Ch. Carwyn Talkin’ Texan
Owners: Georgann Rodgers Kiefer & Leslie H. Manning

  • Ch. Sunset’s Gone With The Wind
  • Ch. Amron’s Sunset Bear In Disguise

Dam: Centarra’s Latin Lady
Owners: Annette Kubecka & Pam Laperruque

  • Ch. Hotflash Domaine Chandon
  • Ch. Hotflash Kalyra

Dam: Ch. Stelin The Spirit O’The Nite
Owner: Linda Gross

  • Ch. Stelin The Starry Starry Nite
  • Ch. Stelin The Princess Warrior

Dam: Ch. Tawnymist Keajs Black Magic
Owner: Catherine Owen

  • Ch. Tawnymist Cameo Zoraborealis
  • Ch. Cameo Prince Charming

Dam: Ch. Amron’s Audrey Hepbear
Owner: Norma Baugh

  • Ch. Amron’s Red Octobear
  • Ch. Amron’s P.I.A. Bear

Dam: Liberty’s Jenny Lind
Owner: Mark R. Owen & Patricia M Owen

  • Ch. Liberty’s Lisa Marie Presley
  • Ch. Ka’Roo Carson City Streak

Dam: Ch. Double U’s Liberty Of Snow Glen
Owner: Wendy W. Harmon

  • Ch. Double U’s Code Blue
  • Ch. Double U’s Peppermint Pattie

Dam: Tawnymist Mirage Deal Me In
Owner: Kathleen Bron

  • Ch. Mirage Waltzing Matilda Digital Dancer
  • Ch. Mirage’s Red Carpet Ready

Dam: Ch. Jj’s Lil’ Zoe Of Country Oaks
Owner: Joseph J. Shafer

  • Ch. Anjo Blu’s Go-Getter
  • Ch. Anjo Blu’s Lil’ Tobi

Dam: Ch. Tawny Mist Got Milk
Owners: Cheryl Kouski & Lee Kouski

  • Ch. Tawnymist Goldnblu Perplexed
  • Ch. Tawnymist Goldnblu Sky Pilot

Dam: Ch. Tawny Mist Ashlea Bluewynd
Owners: William Leavell, Barbara Leavell, Donna L. Renton

  • Ch. Tawny Mist Bar-B’s Victory Lap
  • Ch. Bar-B’s Tawnymist Topias

Dam: Ch. MTN View Honky Tonk Angel
Owners: Julie Lemarr & Jeanna Pruitt

  • Ch. Mtn View Autumn Wind
  • Ch. Mtn View Tawny Mist Kelly Blue

Dam: Ch. Curiosity Bendill Salo
Owners: Mark Benson, Barbara Beissel, James Dillman

  • Ch. Bendill Jackson Royal Silk
  • Ch. Bendill Pensacola Royal Silk


Sire: Ch. Valcopy Kasey Kahne
Owners: Dana L. Plonkey, Mike Smiley, Lynn McKee

  • Ch. Valcopy Talladega Nights
  • Ch. Valcopy Xeralane Pandemonium
  • Ch. Valcopy Nascar Angel
  • Ch. Envoy Minnie’s Shokolatte’
  • Ch. Valcopy C Lyn Glory Seeker
  • Ch. Valcopy Nascar Rosie
  • Ch. Valcopy C-Lyn Raising Kahne
  • Ch. Valcopy C-Lyn Moonlight Becomes Me
  • Ch. Valcopy Hannah Montana

Dam: Daniel’s Dusty Rose Macomber
Owners: Donna Mellinger & Dana L. Plonkey

  • Ch. Valcopy Ice Mocha
  • Ch. Valcopy Talladega Nights
  • Ch. Valcopy Nascar Rosie
  • Ch. Valcopy Hellzapoppin


Sire: Ch. Yorkboro Cat Burglar
Owner: Doreen A. Hubbard

  • Ch. Ed-Man’s Sweet Melody
  • Ch. Thief’s Cracklin Rose Of Janjems
  • Ch. Oz’s Magical Mystery Tour
  • Ch. Oz’s Poppy Fields Forever
  • Ch. Marydon’s Continuing Tradition

Dam: Windtigo’s Journey Of Dreams
Owners: Anna Stringer & Stephanie S. Barnes

  • Ch. Stringer’s She ‘s A Devil In Disguise
  • Ch. Stringer’s Strictly Bussiness
  • Ch. Stringer’s Somethings Gotta Give
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