2006 National Cage Bird Show Winners

The November 2006 National Cage Bird Show was hosted by the Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club.

The 58th Annual National Cage Bird Show was held at the newly opened Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center in Illinois.

2006 NCBSAs the largest U.S. bird show, NCBS has categories for nearly every type of canary and finch, as well parrots and softbills. Judges fly in from around the world, and awards give breeders bragging rights and heightened interest in their stock.

Higgins Premium Pet Foods sponsors the event, which includes a youth essay contest. Each division winner receives a Higgins’ trophy. Higgins has been involved with NCBS for nearly three decades and the main sponsor since 2002.

For complete information, visit www.ncbs.org.

The following 2006 NCBS winners took home awards:

SCANNELL Winner: Albert & Hazel Silva – Red Brown Ino Mosaic

SCANNELL Winner: Hazel & Albert SilvaDivision 1 – Border Fancy: Don Platz
Division 2 – Glosters: George Raftopoulos
Division 3 – Type Canaries: John Kotsoros
Division 4 – Old Varieties: Dr. Mac Saedi
Division 5 – Domestic Hartz: Ella Galik
Division 6 – Fife Fancy: Cabablo & Bruto
Division 7 – Colorbred Liprochrome: Joe Palermo
Division 8 – Melanin-Classic: Arturi Ramundi
Division 9 – Melanin-New Color: Albert & Hazel Silva
Division 10 – Finch & Softbill: Lisa Murphy
Division 11 – Parrots: Sheri Haviza
Division 12 – Lovebirds (Rare/Eye-rings): Linn Reusmann
Division 13 – Lovebirds (Peach-faced): Doree & Doug Bedwell
Division 14 – Cockatiels: Julia Allen
Division 15 – American Singer: J.J. Lacosh & Grandfather Marion Omiatek
Division 16 – Rollers: David Bopp
Division 17 – Spanish Timbrado: Salvador Onate
Division 18 – Waterslager: Steve Baptiste

Division 19 – Youth Division Winners:
1st – Evan Zak-Melanin Classic Colorbred
2nd – Evan Zak-Fife Fancy
3rd – Ivica Begonja-Old Varities, Lizzard
4th – Kelly Fitzgerlad – Budgie


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