20-Second Video Sums Up Life With Cats

A cat owner demonstrates the complexity of the feline mind in 20 seconds (and with some swearing).

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To be in, or not to be in. We never know. Via Burnie Burns/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

It looks like cat behavior can pretty much consolidate into one truth nugget.

Burnie Burns posted a video to Twitter yesterday that’s ringing true with lots of people. It shows Joe, his cat, sitting outside a door, appearing to want in but totally wanting to run away the moment the door opens.

“He’s got a cat door that he can come in but no, he wants to come in the door,” Burns says at the start of the clip.

The video has 8,558 likes and nearly 5,000 shares on Twitter. Apparently the exchange is a familiar one.

“Do you want to come in?” he asks the cat. “All right. Watch this.”

Once the door opens and Burns welcomes him inside, the cat bolts. Then Burns speaks from the heart and curses.

We’ve all been there. No need to put anything in the swear jar this time around.

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