19 Dogs Who Have This Christmas Thing Figured Out

You might be panicking about the holidays, but these dogs just want you to celebrate.

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While you're frantically pulling your own hair out, these dogs are already celebrating. Via Instagram/Lola.b.bostonandfamily

There is just one more day left until Christmas, and most of us are focusing on — and freaking out about — the words “one more day.” There are so many last-minute things to do: wrapping presents, baking cookies and arguing about the arguments you’ll have with your mother-in-law.

But while you’re making a to-do list with things like “Buy wine” and “Buy even more wine,” these dogs have already figured out how to celebrate the holidays. They have finished decorating, have done all of their shopping and have even taken care of that creepy Elf on the Shelf.

So take a deep breath, put the wrapping paper down and take a look at these 19 dogs who are ready for Christmas. And all they want is for you (and those cookies) to be ready, too.

1. “You did not specifically say ‘Do not open until Christmas.'”

2. “You’ll just wake us when the presents are here, right?”

3. “This little weirdo was just sitting on the shelf, staring at me.”

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4. “Please explain to me why I didn’t get the matching pants?”

5. “Santa actually keeps three lists: nice, naughty and cooler than cool.”

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6. “It’s December. Halloween is OVER.”

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7. “I’m just checking to make sure you got my size right.”

8. “Don’t worry, I licked all of the envelopes.”

9. “Who do you think delivers the presents?”

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10. “You really need a better security system. Someone could just eat this door right off the hinges.”

11. “I wanted to see what was in my stocking. Stuffing. It was filled with stuffing.”



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13. “Or else I will bite you in the most festive way possible. ”

14. “What more do you want from me?”

15. “Shopping’s done.” 

16. “I’m sorry, who doesn’t believe in Santa?”

17. “And then I said, ‘Call me naughty one more time…'” 

  A photo posted by Ashley Lisa (@sweet_g_) on

18. “Shhh, I think the tree is sleeping.” 

19. “Anyone who wants a present has to get through me first.”

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