$2 + Some Tape = Hours of Cat Happiness

A viral video shows how a pet toy manufacturer totally gets cats.

Best $2 you can spend.

All it takes, apparently, to keep cats happy for hours is a length of wire and a couple of pieces of cardboard. The Cat Dancer toy retails for $2 on Amazon and through other pet retailers and, according to a >Boing Boing post yesterday, “cats go crazy for it.”

Writer Mark Frauenfelder posted a video showing how much his cats love the toy. The video shows the toy adhered on one end to a wall, enabling the cats to play independently. He said that he has since taken the toy down because he loves using it to play with the cats himself, which is really tender if you think about it. The cats are so excited to play with the Cat Dancer, they’ll meow when Frauenfelder takes it out of the drawer.

Do your cats love a toy as much as these guys do?

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