This 2-Legged Puppy Just Got His Own 3D-Printed Wheelchair

Tumbles the two-legged puppy recently got fitted for his own wheelchair, which was created with a 3D printer.

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And Tumbles is ready to roll! Via Crystal Richmond/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

A two-legged puppy named Tumbles just got a cool new ride.

Tumbles is a 6-week-old Terrier mix who was born with only two legs, Buzzfeed reports. He was taken to the Friends of Shelter Dogs (FOSD) organization in Athens, Ohio, when he was just 2 weeks old, so he could receive the special care he requires.

After seeing a photo of Tumbles on the FOSD’s Facebook page, a couple came up with a design for a wheelchair and asked the Ohio University Innovation Center if they could use its 3D printer. Just last week, Tumbles was fitted with his custom set of wheels.

“He’s a little sweetheart and doesn’t act as if he has any limitations,” Angela Marx, FOSD board president, told Buzzfeed of Tumbles’ progress in the wheelchair. “Since he is so little and still growing, he needs to learn how to walk properly. Once the wheelchair is properly fitted, he will need to go through physical therapy.”

Buzzfeed reports that Tumbles is currently with a foster parent and not up for adoption, as it’s likely the foster mom will adopt him.

November 10, 2015. Tumbles at his first wheelchair fitting! I think it’s so cute and funny when Little Silly tips…

Posted by Crystal Richmond on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Look out, world! Tumbles is on a roll.

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