2.6 Gallon Fluval Spec III Nano Tank Ships

Fluval Spec III nano tank has same features as Fluval Spec V in smaller form factor.

Rolf C. Hagen’s Fluval Spec III shares the same features as the larger Fluval Spec V but in a smaller capacity. It is a 2.6 gallon, all glass nano aquarium in a one square foot form factor. According to the company, the Fluval Spec III ships with a 39 gallons per hour circulation pump that has an adjustable output nozzle and a three stage filtration system, both of which are housed in a separate frosted glass chamber at the rear of the aquarium for ease of maintenance while keeping the components out of sight.

The Fluval Spec III features a brushed aluminum lighting unit that sports 31 7,500K high luminosity, energy-efficient LED lights that provide full spectrum daylight with virtually no heat, the company said. The all inclusive aquarium kit includes the aquarium (11.8 x 10.8 x 8.7 inch footprint), frosted cover, circulation pump, filter with foam block, activated carbon, BioMax bio ring filter media, LED lighting system, Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner and Biological Aquarium Supplement, and a low voltage power supply. The complete system has an MSRP of $69.99. For more information, visit www.hagen.com.

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