18 Tweets About Dogs That’ll Make Your Day Better

What better way to lead into the weekend than with tweets about dogs?

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We couldn't help sharing this on our Twitter page. Via vet_organics/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Ah, the internet. It’s full of so many things. Just this week we read about some election or something? Maybe you saw it, too. If you didn’t, then you cleverly have been avoiding social media. Well, here’s a reason to stop avoiding the internet: dogs. More specifically, dogs and Twitter. Even more specifically, funny tweets about dogs that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood as you start your weekend.

1. The Confident “Good Boy”

Yeah, he knows it.

2. The Dog Crush

They’re soul mates.

3. Back In The Day

Times sure have changed.

4. The Perfect Pillow

There’s nothing like a good donut.

5. Dog 9-1-1

Barking is the first step.

6. Love Of Dogs

How can you not tell a dog you love him?

7. The Couch Mystery

How did it happen?

8. How To Get More Treats

Works every time.

9. How To Get Attention

Sometimes all it takes is asking for it.

10. 10 Seconds To Playtime

And 3, 2, 1…

11. The Girl On The Train

Total cutie.

12. The Superhero

His secret identity has been revealed.

13. The Shower Caddy

He looks cozy on the towel.

14. The Entrepreneur

First week and he’s already a millionaire.

15. The Magic Word

It’s all about the treats.

16. Bath Buddies

“Where are the bubbles?”

17. The Dog Sign

We’re pretty sure that yes, he did make the sign.

18. The Most Glorious Bathroom

There are toilets everywhere!

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