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There’s Nothing Cuter Than Seeing 18 Puppies Wake Up From A Nap

Watch this pile of 18 puppies as they all wake up from a nap at the same exact moment.

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Wake up, guys! Time to play! Via Green Valley Aussies/Instagram

We don’t know about you, but we could watch puppies napping All. Day. Long. The way they sleepily wiggle, snore and snooze with their tiny puppy paws splayed out every which way could put a smile on anyone’s face, we’re certain.

But what about when a pack of puppies all wake up from a nap at the same time? Well, that’s just cuteness overload.

In a video uploaded to Instagram by @greenvalleyaussies, 18 Australian Shepherds are awakened from their nap at the same time.

Afternoon nap time for these 18 adorable puppies! Don’t mind our gross backyard! The snow just melted… Which means MUD! The puppies have lots of grass to play on, they just chose the dirt! ???? before you say something rude… The puppies live in our HOME! They are allowed to go outside 2-3 hours a day to play. They DO NOT live outside all the time. #GVAussies FOLLOW US! #GreenValleyAussies #GreenValleyAustralianShepherds #AustralianShepherd #AustralianShepherds #Aussie #Aussies #AussieDog #AussieDogs #Dog #Dogs #Puppy #Puppies #DogsofInstagram #PuppiesofInstagram #AussiesofInstagram #sleep #tired #nap #naptime #baby #sweet #love #like #adorable #fluffy #smile #pet #awesome @puppysketch @puppies_x_dogs @dogsofinstagram @dogs.lovers @dogs @dogsandpals

A video posted by Green Valley Aussies (@greenvalleyaussies) on

Their tiny heads raise in a daze, and then every single one of them instantly snaps into play-mode. But napping isn’t the only thing these pups do together. They also run together in slo-mo…

Enjoy snack time together…

And take nap breaks in the middle of agility training.

They’re all kinds of adorbs.

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