16 Reasons Why We Need PugFest

The UK celebration devoted to Pugs looks incredible and absolutely necessary stateside.

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A festival devoted to pugs is pure joy. Via PugFest/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

Since 2014, an event has been taking on the United Kingdom. It features happy humans and several snorting, snuffing, huffing dogs: their pugs.

PugFest came about when organizer Martin Clowes planned a meeting for the Twitter followers of his pug, Poppy. Sadly, Poppy passed away before the event. Clowes, after urging by Poppy’s fans, went ahead with the gathering in Bridgend, South Wales; more than 1,000 people and 300 pugs attended.

Today, the festival is a series of gatherings across the UK, the most recent of which took place in Bristol this month. A portion of ticket sales to each event go to several dog-related charities. All because a little pooch named Poppy brought people together.

Here are 16 reasons why we are glad there’s a PugFest in the world.

1. Everyone’s A Winner

And some pugs have the ribbons to show for it.

2. You Make Friends

Some of them are even super friends.

3. Pug Costumes

Gotta see ’em all.

4. Everyone Is Welcome

Because a shared love of pugs is enough to bring people together.

5. It Attracts Royalty

Or, at least, pretend royalty.

6. The Social Scene

You can find a lot of reasons to toast with friends at the get-together.

7. Pug Costumes

Princess Pugs are pretty special.

8. Cool Shwag

Posted by Official PugFest on Friday, July 15, 2016

Can’t you tell how impressed this puglet is?

9. Pug Parades

Procession of the pugliest.

10. Everything That Happens At Pug’s-Eye-View That We Don’t Even Know About

From way down here, it’s crystal clear, the pugs are in a whole new world with each other.

11. Did We Mention Pug Costumes?

Everyone’s buzzing about them.

12. All The Charitable Contributions Toward Pugs In Need

Posted by Official PugFest on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Founder Clowes dedicated the events to helping fellow pugs through charities like The Dogs Trust, The French and Pug Dog foundation, PDWRA (Pug Dog Welfare) and more.

13. People Costumes

Willing pugs make amazing partners in costume plans.

14. This Face

Now imagine 300 of these in one place.

15. You Don’t Need A Pug To Attend (But You Can Find One To Call Your Own

Posted by The French and Pug Dog Foundation on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Some partner charities are pathways to pug adoption so you can experience your very own in-home PugFest all year round.

16. But, Seriously, The Pug Costumes

We can’t get enough.

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