16 Ferrets Taken From California Home

The illegal ferrets will soon be transported out of the state to find new homes.

several ferrets in a cage
Via Santa Ana Police Department 
Ten of the 16 ferrets were male.

Yesterday morning, 16 ferrets were taken from a residence in Santa Ana, California. A press release by the Santa Ana Police Department stated that 23-year-old Sebastian Alexander Swisher was arrested, cited and released at the residence. The charge was violation of regulations that forbid the importation, transportation of live restricted animals. Ferrets are illegal to own in the state of California (Hawaii is the only other state that bans them as pets).

The 16 ferrets are currently at OC Animal Care in the city of Orange, according to Katie Ingram, community outreach team supervisor for the agency. They were brought there by Santa Ana Animal Control. She stated that the 10 male and six female ferrets appear to all be 1 to 2 years old. A veterinarian has examined them and all are in overall good health, although a couple are a little underweight. She said that all are friendly and active.

“The challenge for us at the shelter is that ferrets are illegal in California,” Ingram said.

She added that only individuals or groups that have permits from the California Department of Fish & Wildlife are able to own ferrets. 

“We work with several rescue groups that have those permits,” she said. “They work very closely with us. They basically take any ferret that comes into the shelter. Plans are already underway for one of those rescues to pick up all 16 of the ferrets either today or tomorrow.”

ferret being weighed
Via Santa Ana Police Department 
The 16 ferrets were examined by a veterinarian and are basically healthy.

She said that all the ferrets have a place to go. The group taking them works with adopters out of state or states that allow them. They place them into their forever homes out of California. 

Police officers went to the home after receiving information that ferrets were there. The police press release states, “Swisher was reportedly buying the ferrets in the state of Nevada and transporting them to California where it is illegal.”
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