15 Times Pets Schooled Us On Snapchat

Our pets are getting really good at Snapchat.

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Snacpchat filters aren't just for us human, apparently. Via Moonshineknox/Reddit
Janine Kahn

Pets: They’re better than us.

They’re nicer, cuddlier and infinitely better looking. Now, unsurprisingly enough, they are kicking our butts on Snapchat. Here are 15 times they showed us exactly how it should be done.

1. That Time This Dog Channeled Dug From Pixar’s “Up”

“My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you!”

2. That Time This Pup Barfed Up Rainbows

Allllll the pretty colors.

3. That Time This Cat Inspired This Masterpiece

His human takes the paint tool to the next level. See more here.

4. That Time This Leopard Gecko Made a Convincing Dog

Spots and all!

5. That Time This Dog Looked Like Something Out Of Lilo And Stitch

Ohana means family… or something!

6. That Time a Ghost Dog Showed Up

Yeah, that’s not scary at all.

7. That Time This Cat Snapped Back


8. That Time This Dog Found His People

Nothing to see here, just us stuffed animals.

9. That Time This Cat Looked Like Something Out Of “Cats: The Musical”

This may be the least ecstatic Jellicle cat.

10. That Time A Cat Was A Dog

And not happy about it. Not even a little bit.

11. That Time A Dog Was A Cat

And was an infinitely better sport about it!

12. That Time This Bird Wore A Flower Crown

Meet Chica, who is so obviously meant to be a flower princess.

13. That Time This Cat Enforced The Law

And looked pretty darn cool while doing it.

14. That Time This Hamster Became A Dog

He also has the best name: Megatron!

15. That Time Cats WERE Us

Next thing you know, they’ll be taking our jobs.

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