15 Parrots, Some Just Babies, Stolen From Pet Shop

The owner of Bird Mania in Pennsylvania is worried that the stolen birds, some still being hand-fed, will die without care.

Debbie Lentz walked into her Bird Mania pet shop in Salisbury Township in Allentown, Pennsylvania on Wednesday morning and found a bird on the floor. When she checked, she saw that the bird playpens in the pet shop were empty, The Morning Call reports. Lentz initially thought someone had scared the birds, but then she noticed the bathroom window wasn? locked and that the cash register had been tampered with. She realized the exotics in her shop had been stolen.

“[The culprits] came in through the bathroom window,” Lentz told The Morning Call. “They came in and went back out the same way. That window is always locked, so somebody must have been in here to unlock it first.”

Her husband said a couple of men had entered the shop and asked to use the restroom; however, there is no evidence to support that they unlocked the bathroom window. Whoever did unlock the window walked away with $9,000 worth of stolen birds, including an African grey parrot, two Alexandrian parakeets, a black-capped conure, three canary-winged parakeets, a cinnamon green-cheeked conure, a Derbyan parakeet, a green-cheeked conure, two sun conures and three yellow Indian ring-necked parakeets, according to The Morning Call. All are within 7 to 12 weeks old.

Some of the birds had already been sold to the pet store? customers. They were kept at the Bird Mania pet shop until they no longer had to be hand fed formula. Lentz? fear is that if the hand-feeding does not continue daily the birds will likely die.

Some of our babies that were taken from Bird Mania. Please return my babies.

Posted by Bird Mania on Thursday, June 11, 2015

She believes that the thieves took the birds to sell them, but told The Morning Call, “If they?e not hand-fed today, tomorrow they [the thief or thieves] are not going to have half of them to sell.?It has been advised that if anyone notices any selling of exotic birds online or in person, the Salisbury Police should be contacted at (610) 797-1447.

Hopefully the birds are found before anything detrimental occurs.

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