15 Dogs Who Are Ready To Get Wild On St. Paddy’s Day

It's St. Patrick's Day and these pups are SO ready to party.

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Today, we are all Irish – even the dogs. Via sylvar/Flickr
Chrissa Hardy

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Today, we celebrate the Irish heritage that we may or may not have. We consume massive amounts of green food and drinks while wearing clothing of the same color. And today’s celebrations often go a bit too far for those of us who are over 21, making the day after St. Paddy’s Day a painful one.

But humans aren’t the only ones who go nuts on March 17. Dogs get dressed up (with help from their owners, obviously) and rock out, too!

Here are a bunch of dogs who are ready to party harder than any human today.

1. Lucky Twinsies

They don’t look happy, but they sure are cute!

2. Already Hungover

Mumford O’Malley (yep, that’s his name) has been partying all night. He’s gonna take a quick nap and rally in a bit.

3. St. Patrick’s Pack

They’ve got their green outfits, and they want their kisses immediately.

4. Parade-Ready Pooches

They’ve already pre-gamed and are looking forward to stumbling down the street with everyone else.

5. Seeing Green

She wants her humans to enjoy this moment while it lasts, because there is NO WAY she’s leaving the house like this.

6. Pub Pug

The saddest paddy’s pug In the world #pug #pugs #pugsnotdrugs #pugsofinstagram #stpatricksday #leopold #dog #dogs #irishdogs A photo posted by ghostfaceknitter (@ghostfaceknitter) on

This dog is proud to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day, she just wishes people would stop spelling it incorrectly —it is not “St. Patty’s Day,” folks.

7. Less-Than-Enthused Leprechaun

“You want a pot of gold? Well, it might not be gold, but I left you a nice big pile of something in the backyard…”

8. Big Dog In A Little Hat

Ready to chase all the snakes out of Ireland. Oh wait, there aren’t any. And there never have been. #FunFact

9. Boozy Pup

“I’ve got everything for me, what did you guys bring?” #irishdogs #stpattysdayweekend

A photo posted by Megan Grogan (@megankgrogan) on

“Well, I’ve had too much to drink and I fell into that puddle of mystery green stuff, so I’m ready for St. Paddy’s Day!”

10. Irish Princess

“I’m officially royalty, soooo give me all the gilded bones you have.”

11. Potential Prince

Can someone introduce Declan to Princess Shanley? Because they would be perfect!

12. Lucky Lepre-Pup

“No, I cannot lead you to the end of the rainbow. Dogs see different colors than humans.”

13. Proud Irish Pups

“We were told that today, we’re all Irish. We don’t know what that means, but if we get more kisses, we’re into it.”

14. Shamrock SMH

“Make good choices, humans. I will be here, judging you, behind these ridiculously large glasses.”

15. Covered In Green

“Get this fake Easter grass away from me and MAYBE I’ll let you take more photos of me in this green getup.”

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