15 Cats Who Look Better in Tights Than We Do

Cats in tights. Apparently it’s a thing.

If you look through just about any clothing catalog or go shopping at any fashion store for women, chances are you’ll find a large selection of tights. Personally, I’ve never been much of a tights wearer, except during ballet classes and performances. Some women make them look really cute with what they’re wearing and others not so much. But not a single female can sport a pair of tights quite like the way cats do.

That’s right kitties are wearing tights. These fashionable felines are showing off their looks in a Facebook page that’s dedicated specifically to them. It’s called, not surprisingly, Cats Wearing Tights. These cats look awesome, of course. Here are 15 of our favorites.

1. The cat who knows tights and boots go so well together.

2. The sassy cat who loves red and black.

3. The cat who’s too tired to kick off her sneaks after an intense run.

4. The cat who had too much fun the night before.

5. The cat who was surprised she still fit in her tights.

6. The cat who knows ballet is better than anything else.

7. The cat who’s trying to decide if these shoes go with these tights.

8. The cat who was not pleased her workout is difficult.

9. The cat who will do whatever it takes to get more treats. Even pose in tights so her human can post it on Facebook.

10. The cat who knows tights and slippers are the most comfortable items ever.

11. The cat who likes to chill.

12. The cat trying her best to get motivated for her morning jog.

13. The cat who wants to know why you’re interrupting her work for the 30th time.

14. The cat who fell asleep during yoga after forgetting to take her shoes off.

15. The cat who agreed to model for an art class after being promised a lifetime supply of treats.

I’m willing to bet some of our cats are looking at the page to get fashion ideas. Others are probably wondering how they can get a job modeling in tights. And then there are some who are criticizing the felines in the photos (these are the super catty ones). We’re guessing they all just can’t wait to get in some tights and post a photo. If they do, be sure to share it with Cat Fancy!


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