The 15 Best Pet Halloween Costumes Of All Time

These pets are winning at Halloween.

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A psychological thriller is the inspiration for this dog's costume. Via istolethetv/Flickr
Stephanie Brown

Halloween is finally here and while your Captain America costume may be a hit, chances are there is a dog out there doing it better than you. (Seriously, Google “Captain America dog costume.”)

Sorry! But dogs and cats and even hedgehogs already have a leg (four legs?) up on us humans when it comes to costumes. They are already so much cuter than us to start with.

Now it’s worth noting that some pets do not like wearing costumes — even for a few short minutes for a glorious photo op. Don’t force your pet to wear a costume if he’s not feeling it or else Pirate Cat will make you walk the plank.


That being said, we love a good pet costume. Here are 15 of the best pet costumes around.

1. Mario

“It’s a me! Mario Cat!”

2. Thor

Via Reddit

Via Reddit

So mighty!

3. Taco Cat

Tacos and cats — two of our favorite things.

4. Teen Wolf

And you thought he was too short to make the basketball team.

5. Fluffy The Three-Headed Dog From “Harry Potter”

Looks ferocious but a little music will put him right to sleep.

6. Hannibal Lecter

“Put me down, Clarice.”

7. Buzz Lightyear And Woody

Via Imgur

Via Imgur

They’ve got a friend in us.

8. Vampire

“I vant to suck your blaahhd… j/k but I’ll take a mealworm.”

9. Indiana Jones

We’d like to see a new Indiana Jones franchise but with dogs. They should call it “Indiana Bones.”

10. Dragon

Behold, a rare bearded dragon dragon.

11. Racehorse

He always comes in first to the food bowl.

12. Ewok

This guy plays the song “Yub Nub” on repeat at Halloween parties.

13. Chia Pet

It’s two pets in one! (Get instructions on how to make your own Chia Pet costume here.)

14. Members Of The Justice League

Cuteness will prevail.

15. Garth from “Wayne’s World”

Party on, guys.

What is your pet for Halloween this year? Tell us in the comments.

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