14 Hilariously Awkward Christmas Photos With Pets

When it's time to pose with your loved ones for a holiday photo, pets always take it to an awkward new level.

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The holidays are about to take a very awkward turn. Via Instagram

It’s Christmastime, and that means families everywhere are channeling their holiday spirit while gathering for a family photo. Christmas family photos are inherently awkward, because having a group of people hold a pose for any length of time can quickly turn into a mess. And that’s with humans who understand the English language.

Toss a pet into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for an outtakes-only photo session. It’s hard to keep a pet looking at the camera and even harder to make it look natural.

Here are 14 Christmas photo attempts that turned hilariously awkward.

1. Matching Hats And Sneers

It doesn’t get much more awkward than your pet sitter dressing up your dog and posing for a family photo.  2. The Kanine Kardashian Khristmas


#awkwardChristmasphotos #dogs #lotsofdogs #day13 #awkwardfamilyphotos A photo posted by Heather Crawford (@crawford.heather) on

Before Kimye and Krew, there was this fancy family and their herd of tiny pups.

3. When Straddling The Dogs Seem Likes A Good Idea

Last year’s awkward family yule dog and awful sweater photo to spread the christmas cheer and chortles.

Posted by Angi Zollinger Christiansen on Monday, December 21, 2015

“What do these humans think we are, reindeer?”

4. The Cone of Christmas Shame

This is equal parts adorable and awkward. And at least they matched! 5. A Christmas Turtle

Where do we get us one of these turtle-sized Christmas sweaters?

6. The Forced Interaction With Santa


#TBT Most awkward, naked Otter with Santa pic #awkwardchristmasphotos #nakedpitbulls #getsomepants A photo posted by Otter The Pit Bull (@otterthepitbull) on

Clearly this dog doesn’t understand where all the presents come from. 7. When This Is The Best Photo Out Of The Bunch


  Pet photo fail. Gotta LOL! #Christmas #petsofinstagram #awkwardfamilyphotos #awkwardchristmasphotos   A photo posted by Wendy Whitaker Gordon (@wendywgordon) on

These pets were not interested in participating in the family photo. Not even a little bit.

8. The Feline RBF

This little girl looks so happy, and yet the cat (both of them) is clearly judging her, you and everyone. 9. The Ultimate Example Of Twinning

Seamus and Angus have just won Christmas, in a beautifully awkward way.

10. The Head-Scratcher

You guys, WHY IS THERE A DOLL HERE? 11. The Naked Man Cameo

  In case anyone missed it on Josh’s Facebook……. #merrychristmas #embarrassing #nakedman #christmasphoto #family #thechive   A photo posted by michelle (@michelleandherdogs) on

The owners think it’s hilarious, while the dog is silently praying none of his dog buddies see it.

12. The Christmas Villain Cat

Gershwin’s expressions are too good not to share. #awkwardchristmasphotos #oldcat   A photo posted by Sarah Stout (@sarah612arbonne) on

Based on the sinister facial expression, we’d say this cat is here to ruin Christmas for everyone. 12. The Wholesome Pet Family Next Door


  #awkwardchristmasphotos #winning #lol   A photo posted by Bec (@beclouiseee) on

From the giant grins to the thick specs to the dog next to its own face on a sweater, this holiday photo is merrily bizarre.

14. When Even The Cat Knows This Isn’t Right

Matching sweaters and gazing to the stars above. Plus, the cat is wearing a bowtie! This is what awkward Christmas photos are all about.

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