13 Adorable Cockatiel Pictures

'Tiels. 'Tiels everywhere!

"Who's that handsome cockatiel?" Via Ambra/Instagram

Cockatiels are adorable, no doubt about that. These pictures prove it.

First, we start with this comfy ‘tiel.

Standing on one foot #cockatiel #birb #bird #parrot #parrotsofinstagram #birdsofinstagram
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Then there’s this ‘tiel, gettin’ some scritches.

We got this cockatiel, who looks curious about what’s going on.

This ‘tiel with a new toy. (Sort of.)

This cockatiel is making a new (old?) friend.

This ‘tiel is making sure his face is perfect.

My buddy, my buddy. My buddy, my buddy! wherever I go, yoooure gonna go #parrotsofinstagram #vain

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This ‘tiel has some banana to go.

We got these ‘tiels, one grooming adorably.

Allegri et Palestrina #bird #parrots #cockatiel #calopsitte #cockatiellovers #parrotsofinstagram

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This ‘tiel here is looking thoughtful.

This ‘tiel, possibly interrupting his parent’s breakfast.

This ‘tiel with a hat.

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This family just hanging out.

This cockatiel, using its buddy’s tail feathers like a hat.

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