14 Ways to Stay Popular at the Dog Beach

Many dog beaches don’t have rules, but there are many unspoken ones. Here are 14 tips to make sure the only heated glares you get are from the sun.

Dog at the Beach Photo by Ernie SloneEveryone loves a trip to the dog beach, but there is always that one person who doesn’t seem to quite know the rules. 14 ways to avoid being “that guy:”

  1. Forget Food. Do not bring your lunch — or any food at all — to a dog beach. You will be swarmed by dogs and probably lose your sandwich. Dogs can be worse than ants at a picnic.
  2. Laugh. Do bring your sense of humor. You might get peed on or step in a pile of poo. Consider it good luck and move on.
  3. Be realistic. If your dog is shy, don’t expect other dogs to respect that. Dogs will be dogs.
  4. Don’t leave luck to your lady. Do not bring a female dog in heat to the beach unless you want trouble and puppies.
  5. Walk like a man. If your male dog is not neutered, watch him closely — other dogs may want to challenge him.
  6. Anger management. Do not bring an aggressive dog to the beach. If your dog gets into a scuffle, leave the beach immediately.
  7. Poop patrol. Pick up after your dog, and nicely let other owners know if their dog has left a “present” on the beach.
  8. Be prepared. Bring extra poop bags and towels, plenty of water, and a canine first-aid kit.
  9. Adults only. Avoid bringing children to a dog beach, as they may be knocked over, scared, or injured.
  10. Baywatch. Not just a great show from the 90s, but a practical activity too! Watch your dog at all times. This is not soggy-doggie daycare.
  11. Sharing is caring. Don’t bring a toy to a dog beach unless you’re OK with other dogs playing with it and possibly losing it.
  12. Bring your shades. Provide your dog with shade and lots of water on hot days.
  13. Stay cool. If the sand burns your feet, it’s burning your dog’s paws, too. Run to the shore or carry your pooch.
  14. Cover up. We aren’t talking about your clothes (although we do recommend staying more covered up then you would at the human beach.) Sunscreen for dogs? Yes! Apply sunscreen made specifically for dogs to their noses and ears. Rinse your dog off with fresh water after a day at the beach. Repeat!

Heading to the beach, pool or lake?


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