14 Photos of Dogs Rockin’ St. Patrick’s Day Flair

These dogs put the "rock” in shamrock.

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, and happy St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re not already in the St. Paddy’s day spirit, take a gander at these four-legged wee lads and lassies, dressed up in all their green glory. They’re sure to get you in a festive mood — or at least remind you to go put on something green (you don’t want to get pinched!).

1. How do you make a festive outfit even more fabulous? Just add a neon-green paw-dicure!

St Patricks Day Pit Bull

2. “Shamrock? Where, where, where? I don’t see it!”

St Patricks Day Irish Setter

3. “I always have to wear the bow tie, next year I want the bling…” “Oh man, just hope the cat doesn’t see this.”


St Patricks Day Pug-Beagles



4. A Great Dane deserves a great green hat, don’t you think?

St Patricks Day Great Dane

5. Wearing a bow tie makes a statement … a statement that he’s ready for St. Paddy’s Day!

St Patricks Day Mixed Breed

6. Poodles know how to party for any occasion. 


St Patricks Day Poodles



7. “Put on this hat and tie,” they said. “It’ll be funny,” they said.

Irish Pug

8. This terrier’s got the luck o’ the Irish!

St Patricks Day Terrier

9. Do these sequins make my smile look too big?

St Patricks Day Pit Bull

10. Boston Terriers: They know how to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day wicked good.

St Patricks Day Boston Terrier

11. Neither rain nor sleet will stop this dog from flaunting the green.

St Patricks Day Dane

12. Even the wee ones are getting in the spirit!

St Patricks Day Chihuahua

13. He’s not too cavalier to show some St. Paddy’s Day enthusiasm.

St Patricks Day Cavalier

14. Sláinte! Erin go bark!

St Patricks Day Corgi


Can’t get enough St. Patrick’s Day pups? Watch our St. Patrick’s Day video>>

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