14 Dogs Who Nap Like It’s Their Job

March 10 is National Napping Day, but these dogs don’t need an excuse to sleep.

Feeling sleepy? It might be due to “springing forward” an hour on Sunday because of the start of daylight savings time.

Thank goodness today is National Napping Day, an unofficial holiday created in 1999 by Boston University professor William Anthony, Ph.D., and his wife Camille. The duo wanted to showcase the many benefits of napping, and chose the day after daylight savings time starts because people are usually more nap-ready than usual on that day.

These dogs, however, don’t need a holiday to tell them when to catch some zzzzzz’s. Here is some canine inspiration to hit the bed or curl up on the couch and catch some winks!

1. Napping is always better with a friend.

Dog sleeping with stuffed animal. edastrauch/Flickr


2. In the event of sunshine or a bright light, your blanket can be used as a sleeping device.

Dog Sleeping under a towel. Tobyotter/Flickr

3. If your hair’s not messed up by the time you’re done napping, you’re doing it wrong.

Mixed breed dog sleeping. fishyone/Flickr


4. Puppies nap better because puppies nap cuter.

Lab puppy sleeping. dirleidionsio/Flickr


5. It’s always good advice to fall asleep with a toy close by, in the event a game of fetch breaks out in your dreams. Hey, you never know…

Lab sleeping with toy. pleeker/Flickr


6. When the day’s been “ruff,” just sleep on it!

Daschshund sleeping. flygraphix/Flickr

7. I don’t always nap, but when I do, I do it on hard, awkward surfaces.

Poodle sleeping. mr_t_in_dc/Flickr

8. Ain’t no party like a Basset Hound slumber party, because a Basset Hound slumber party don’t stop.

Bassett Hounds sleeping. eoinlane/Flickr

9. Humans: good for fetching food, scratching behind ears and serving as pillows.


10. Traveling is hard, so sleep harder.

Bulldog sleeping. narrowfocus/Flickr

11. Just … one more … step … and … zzzzzzz …


12. Who’s got four paws, fur and loves to nap? This guy!

Bernese Mountain Dog sleeping. tracydonald/Flickr

13. Dog? Check. Favorite stuffed friend? Check. Rope toy? Check. OK, ready for a nap!

Dog Sleeping. withassociates/Flickr

14. They told me to get off the couch, so I took a nap on it, instead. Good compromise, no?

Dog Sleeping on couch. imnotquitejack/Flickr

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