14 Dogs Who Get Away With Everything Because They’re Cute

Chewed shoes, shredded furniture and spills everywhere. They're so lucky they're cute, right?

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That fuzzy face can do no wrong. Via BuzzFarmers/Flickr
Chrissa Hardy

Dogs make amazing companions, fantastic snugglers, stellar exercise buddies, and even better binge-watching couch pals.

But sometimes, they also make major messes that their humans then have to clean up. And it’s usually not limited to just one mess. Dogs who make messes tend to do it routinely, due to separation anxiety, boredom or just plain not knowing any better, among other reasons.

And even though a chewed up shoe, or a shredded couch cushion can be a bummer to discover and try to repair, the guilty dog will ultimately get away with it, because man, are they the cutest.

That face! That nervously wagging tail! Those big, sad eyes! They get you every time.

And your adorable little terror isn’t the only one. Here are 14 dogs who can clearly get away with everything because they’re cute.

1. The Tattletale

Via Giphy

Via Giphy

Yeah, right. We know you’re both guilty. Guilty of being cute!

2. The Escape Artist

#dogsofinstagram #dogshaming

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With eyes that look straight into your soul, how can you stay mad?

3. The Paper Shredder

How can such a little creature make such a big mess though?

4. The Partners In Crime

Double the trouble, but also the cuteness.

5. The Bed Butcher

Aww, clearly he feels bad, right? That’s punishment enough.

6. The Stuffed Animal Slayer

Remorse is radiating off this pup, but how can you not immediately want to snuggle him to bits?

7. The Darling Digger

The carpet’s a goner, but this puppy stole all the hearts anyway.

8. The Doll Decapitator

Yikes… Let’s all forget this ever happened, yeah?

9. The Cocky Criminal

Returning to the scene of the crime with the main piece of evidence in your mouth? That’s a bold move. Somebody knows exactly how adorable they are.

10. The Hair Hitman

Oh man, not the paw on the nose! Heart = stolen. Totally forgiven.

11. The Couch Chewer

Seems like an impossible repair, but who even cares when there’s a sweet little Pit Bull who clearly needs a hug?

12. The Hat Assassin

This dog legitimately thinks she did her owners a favor. And you know what? Let’s just pretend she did.

13. The Map Murderer

  Somebody got bored today and decided to chew on the road map #dogshaming #reallypeanut #itsgrandpasfault   A photo posted by @jessollergiveaholler on

So no road trips for a while, but you still deserve all the belly rubs, little pup.

14. The Stuffing Sadist

Who did this?? #frenchbulldog #dogshaming #whodidthis #bouledoguefrançais #shaming #guiltydog

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Nobody can resist the charm of a Frenchie.

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