13 Dog Moms Whose Love Knows No Bounds, Interspecies Maternal Love at Its Finest

What could be cuter than dog mom’s nursing sweet little puppies? How about dog mom’s nursing all kinds of baby animals –- yeah we thought so.

Whether you’re thinking of how great your mom is or just want to see photos of animal’s being awesome, we’ve put together our favorite photos of incredible dog moms. Raising kids is hard enough, but these mom’s put species aside to raise litters like no other.      

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1. This mom earned her stripes. Teaching an old dog new tricks isn’t as difficult as you might think. Just take this mother at the Hefei Zoo in Hefei, China, for instance. The mother of these tiger cubs couldn’t produce milk, so dog, Tiger Lilly, nursed them from the time they were one day old.

Dog nursing tigers. China Newsphoto/Reuters/Corbis

 China Newsphoto/Reuters/Corbis 

2. Sometimes your house feels like a pigsty and that’s okay. Yeti the dog became a wet nurse to 14 piglets after giving birth to her own litter. Yeti’s pet parent, farmer Mannorkys Santamaria said that the piglets would feed from their mother, but as soon as Yeti showed up, it was straight back to the dog for lunch!

3. Hopping into action. Koa the Labrador acts as a surrogate mother to abandoned baby wild rabbits.

Labrador with bunnies 


4. There’s no cats vs dog debate in this family. New mother Molly has enough puppies to feed, but she’s happy to pull double duty to help out a litter of kittens whose mother passed away. Molly took turns between her puppies and the new litter of kittens making sure there was plenty to go around.

Dog nursing kittens. Max Oden/The Dothan Eagle
Max Oden/The Dothan Eagle

5. Yes, that is a dog feeding a lamb. Is there anything cuter than a dog holding a bottle for a lamb? We didn’t think so.

Dog feeding a bottle to a lamb.


6. These little bandits stole mom’s heart. These two raccoons were left to fend for themselves until this amazing mom came along and kept them from being hungry.

Dog nursing racoons


7. Other mother’s said she was nuts. Gail Latta said she attempted to feed some abandoned squirrels with canned milk, but it didn’t work. Suddenly, Pixie, her nursing dog, came to the rescue. Apparently, Pixie was a little sad when the squirrels were given to an animal rehabilitation center, but she’s OK now, and ready for her next brood.

poodle nursing squirrel


8. Motherhood is all fun and games, till the babies learn to talk back. Lisha the Labrador has played surrogate mother to more than 30 animals at the Cango Wildlife Reserve including tigers, porcupines and this pygmy hippo.

Labrador and Hippo


9. Being a new mom can feel like panda-monium. A Chihuahua mom nurses two red panda cubs who were abandoned by their mother at a zoo in Taiya, China, but this little lady came to the rescue.

Chihuahua nursing red pandas


10. The circle of life just got larger. The cute department is on overload with this one. These zoo-lion cubs abandoned their birth mother in China, but were given a second chance by this heroic nursing dog.

Dog nursing lion cubs


11. It’s only natural to fawn over a newborn. A newborn fawn was adopted, and finds a new home with a senior Labrador Retriever after his mother died.

12. One of these is not like the other. Chipmunk Marty is nursed by Imogene Wills’ Buffy the Chihuahua at her home in Salem, Mass. Buffy lost a puppy during a C-section. On the same day Marty was found in a Safeway parking and brought into the clinic where Buffy’s surgery took place. Buffy lost one love, but gained another and Marty is just one of the family.

Chihuahua nursing squirrels


13. “The Fox and the Hound” is real life. While her Foxhound heritage made her any unlikely candidate for mothering  fox pups, with a little convincing, her maternal instincts kicked into overdrive.


Hound with baby foxes

Helen Neafsey, Hearst Connecticut Media Group 


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