12 Secrets To A Happy Pet Cockatoo

Learn the pet bird tips and tricks to a happy, healthy and emotionally stable pet cockatoo.

Senior birds can remain young at heart. Via Pixabay

Cockatoos are a family of parrots that seem to inspire stereotypical thinking, and it seems as if pet cockatoos are often thought of as the “problem children of the parrot world. ”However, I know many people who adore their cockatoos and have positive relationships with these intelligent parrots. I have been enchanted by some of these pet birds, especially my gentle and quiet bare-eyed cockatoo, Roxi-anne, whose behaviors are in no way traits of the “stereotypical” cockatoo.

Why is there such a vast difference in the way people think about cockatoos? I believe it has a lot to do with the pet cockatoo’s interactions with the people in its lives. The following secrets are guidelines to help you have the best relationship possible with your pet cockatoo.

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