This 12-Foot-Wide Mattress Can Fit The Whole Family, Including Your Dog, Other Dog And Several Cats

Is your bed overrun by pets? A giant mattress by Ace Collection could mean the end of sleeping on the edge of the bed.

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Family size matress
This giant mattress sounds like a dream. Via The Ace Collection/Facebook
Stephanie Brown

Feel like your pets take up more room on the bed than you do? You can fit the whole family — both two- and four-legged — on a giant mattress offered by Ace Collection.

Their “family-size” mattress is 144-inches (12 feet) wide and almost double the size of a traditional king-size mattress. If you’re one of those people who lets their pets sleep in the bed with them (we’re so guilty of that) and you have $2,750 to spare, this just might be mattress for you.

Ace mattress sizes

Look at all that space for dogs! Via The Ace Collection/Facebook

Imagine no more stinky corn chip dog feet in your face every night. No more contorting your body into weird angles because your cats like to sleep in the middle of the bed. Everyone — and every pet — can have their own spot.

But in all honestly, it just might make you want to get more pets. You know, now that you have the space for it.

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