11 Struggles Only Dog Owners Will Understand

Being a dog owner isn't always easy. In fact, it can often be a struggle. But it's always an incomparable honor.

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The struggle is real. Via homeadvisor/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Being a dog owner is not always easy.

Obviously, we wouldn’t be dog owners without the intense and unconditional love we have for our canine companions, even though at times they are certainly a handful. Whether your dog is a cyclone of shedding fur, a serial sock-napper, or they’re just too cute to resist (making you consistently late for work or other scheduled events), all dog owners know that owning a pet is a rocky, yet rewarding journey. Here are 11 very real struggles dog owners share.

1. They don’t understand that being a lap dog is a role with a weight limit.

2. They don’t think of it as your bed. It’s their bed that you chose to fall asleep on.

Via Giphy

Via Giphy

3. We’ve seen too many toys massacred into scattered piles of stuffing.


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4. When you have guests over they do something completely inappropriate, and you have to pretend it has never happened before.

Via Giphy

Via Giphy

5. They act like taking a bath is absolute torture and you end up feeling like a heartless monster for just trying to keep them clean.

6. Muddy paws are inevitable, and in very inconvenient places.

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7. They roll in the grass like happy, carefree beasts, which is always so funny until you realize they just covered themselves in poop.

8. Their breath is beyond terrible, but so uniquely them that you secretly kinda like it.

Via Giphy

Via Giphy

9. They misbehave but get adorably caught in the act and you can’t even get mad about it.

10. They’re always SOOOO excited to go for a walk…


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…but want to come right back inside immediately.

11. You’re always late for work because your dog gives you THIS FACE and you just can’t bear to leave.

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