11 Pit Bulls Saved From Dog-Fighting Den In New York City

NYPD rescued 11 Pit Bulls from a cramped Manhattan basement, where the dogs were allegedly being raised for dog fighting.

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NYPD Animal Liason Officers and members of NYC Animal Care and Control gave 11 sweet pups a second chance at life. Via NYPD/NY Daily News

Cops in New York City have ensured that 11 innocent Pit Bulls have won the war, without ever having to fight the battle.

A Harlem man was arrested Sunday for allegedly keeping dogs in a cramped basement of a Manhattan apartment and raising them for dog fighting, the New York Daily News reports. After several 311 calls about a possible dog fighting den located on West 112th Street near Manhattan Avenue, investigators discovered 11 malnourished dogs in “terrible conditions” and “equipment often used in the brutal dog fights,” police told the Daily News.

Brandon Baez, the dogs’ owner, 41, has been charged with 11 counts of animal cruelty and weapons possession.

The dog fighting den was located on W. 112 St. at Manhattan Ave. Via Google Earth/NY Daily News

The dog fighting den was located on W. 112 St. at Manhattan Ave. Via Google Earth/NY Daily News

“I was very happy to get them out,” Sgt. Maria Sexton, an animal-cruelty liaison officer, told the Daily News upon finding the dogs. “There were tails wagging all over the place.”

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  • i’d rather see a photo of the scumbags arrested & each dog involved,instead of the police photo.
    some of us may be able to identify the dogs.but i guess law enforcement doesn’t care too much.

    pattianne June 17, 2015 5:59 am Reply
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  • Pattianne,
    I understand your feelings, but think you were unfair to the people who are doing all they are allowed to by law. Yes the people who are at the very least scumbags should be identified and punished severely. The dogs will possible be identified. but first they should have a vigorous health check, then make sure they have not been made to fight. if so they will need to be retrained.
    Most of all we need a total change of attitude by the public and our legislators. We, instead of getting angry need to come up with a better solution to stop this once and for all. Maybe our schools and churches can help by showing children how to treat animals, and how they will love them in return. To be responsible just because they may know someone who does this, does not mean they have to but sometimes this is all the children know. It is all of our responsibilities to make sure they are given alternatives.

    Ann June 21, 2015 12:25 pm Reply
  • While this began as a feel good story, it is no longer one with a happy ending. Only nine of the rescued dogs survived. Five of the nine have no information and no photographs, nothing, just names and numbers.
    As of yesterday, October 7, 2015 four of the seized dogs are profiled on NYC ACCs web pages on their “To Be Destroyed List”. Rescue organizations have approximately 18 hours to rescue these abused dogs, actually less as the daily kill list is not released until after 6 PM daily. When you consider this and the fact that animal advocates have families and need to rest, time is critical. In the mean time the four dogs, if not rescued by an ACC recognised rescue group, they will be killed. That can happen anytime after 12PM. today , October 8, 2015. ACC kills without sedation contrary to the suggestion from ADVM Society and HSUS. The ASPCA also has a new program geared toward Rehab of former fighting dogs, but these poor dogs were not referred to that program. So these dogs were deemed unworthy and ACC will kill them. So the feel good story evaporates for the four remaining dogs. To have survived the horror of dog fighting, only to die alone on a cold steele table, held down by strangers, muzzled to prevent biting and crying out in pain and terror and awaiting death, which can take up to 20 minutes. This is no way to treat a survivor of humans evil intent. They deserve better.
    Until the public becomes aware, this will continue. This is not humane.

    Donna Zirkle October 8, 2015 8:40 am Reply
    • I’m iut raged; heart broken; poor little guys. Everyone failed them. They were rescued to be destroyed. That’s really crappy and disgraceful of the city of New York. Police seem to care more about looking the part, rather than
      really being heroes and healers. Poor dogs. Laws have got to change. I hate Animal Care & Control. More like Animal Seize & Destroy. 🙁

      Concerned New Yorker June 3, 2016 9:55 pm Reply
  • These dogs must be put down, immediately
    I live in Harlem and pitbulls are everywhere and in hands of irresponsibles owners, living in a tiny apartments or housing projects, I even see people having 2 or 3 pitbulls at the same time, you can guess now the purpose ? ? and the story never ends, even when we see in the news that pit bulls is attacking to death to children and people. No Pitbulls should be allowed in a building. Let’s make responsible the owners and their landlords for allowing pitbulls in familie buildings.

    Lucas M November 11, 2015 10:06 pm Reply
    • You are EXTREMELY IGNORANT Lucas. I own three! All of them are great dogs. Two rescues. One from ACC. The people who USE dogs in fighting rings big or small (and PITS are NOT the only breed being used) need to be put down IMMEDIATELY, for being the scum of the earth. Maybe people who type cast the pit bull breed too for perpetuating ignorance and fear. Get your facts straight. No dog has ever said, ” yeah I’d rather be caged underfed chewed up with bites and unattended infected sores while people with no soul make money over my slow and very painful death.” THEY ALWAYS EXPRESS GENTLENESS AND GRATITUDE WHEN RESCUED IN THEIR BEHAVIOR. because if they could talk they’d say ” go jump in the lake you ignorant fool”

      Concerned New Yorker June 3, 2016 10:05 pm Reply

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