11 Photos That Prove American Wirehair Cats Are All-American — Born And Raised

American Wirehair cats embody the American way in everything they do.

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Red, white and blue are their go-to colors. Via Petful/Flickr
Katrina Rossos

The American Wirehair, as its name implies, originated in America. In the mid ’60s, a wirehaired kitten was found in a litter of typical domestic cats at a farm in upstate New York. Genetic testing determined that the cat did not have any Devon or Cornish Rex ancestry, cat breeds known for their wiry fur. Instead, the kitten’s coarse fur was a result of genetic mutation. The mutation turned out to be dominant, and the cat was bred with American Shorthairs to create the American Wirehair we know today.

So what does this prove? The American Wirehair is pure American — through and through. And not just when it comes to their origin. They practically bleed red, white and blue. Here are some of the ways we can tell they’re truly from the good ol’ U.S. of A.

1. They know that Sundays are meant for sleeping until noon, or at least until the football tailgate party starts.

2. They believe second place is the first loser. Americans are winners. 

3. They think that sitting outside constitutes them as an “active outdoorsman.”

4. They are not trustful of Big Brother and often act suspicious when you are watching them from afar.

5. It’s impossible to get them to step away from the briefcase and unwind. 

6. They can’t even look at another country’s flag. 

7. They are obsessed with watching cat videos.

8. They devour an entire bag of food in a single sitting without remorse. 

9. They have an expensive camera they don’t know how to use and rarely travel.

10. They’re also loyal friends to the end.

11. And have hearts of gold.





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