11 Dogs Who Are So Ready For Fall

These dogs are almost as excited about sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes as humans!

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Pile up those leaves because this dog is ready to POUNCE. Via Krista Baltroka/Flickr
Chrissa Hardy

Autumn is by far the best season of the year because it’s short (summer and winter have been creeping in closer on either side), sweet (with endless apple and pumpkin treats to gorge on) and absolutely gorgeous (hello, fall foliage!). Oh yeah, and it means no more sweating it out in front of the fan all day because of the extreme heat.

But humans aren’t the only ones who are excited about this temperature shift. Canines everywhere are eager to rock their new sweaters (no matter how much they might resist), run around outside and jump in giant piles of leaves.

Here are 11 dogs who are absolutely psyched for fall.

1. This puppy who fearlessly attacks unsuspecting pumpkins. 

Via Giphy

Be afraid, pumpkins. Be very afraid. Via Giphy

2. This dog who will inspire you to go on a Pinterest-perfect afternoon picnic. 

Via marmacc/Instagram

“I am such an autumn.” Via marmacc/Instagram

3. This dog who lives for pumpkin spice lattes.

The taste of fall. Via stacybean/Reddit

Aah, the taste of fall. Via stacybean/Reddit

4. This dog who only exits the leaf pile when it’s time to eat something seasonal. 

Via Giphy

Did someone say apple pie? Via Giphy

5. This dog who serves as the protector of the pumpkin patch.

Via Austin Kirk/Flickr

“No Charlie Brown wannabes are gonna be messin’ around on my turf.” Via Austin Kirk/Flickr

6. This dog who sports a bow tie and Halloween-y argyle sweater better than most humans.

Via toothandhoney/Instagram

“Hipsters and preppies everywhere, TAKE NOTE.” Via toothandhoney/Instagram

7. This dog who sees two leaves falling and CANNOT wait to go outside and play.

Via Giphy

“Let me at ’em. Let me at ’em.” Via Giphy

8. This flannel and jacket-wearing who dog who belongs in an L.L. Bean catalog.

Via theuppitypuppy/Instagram

“Contact my agent for catalog bookings.” Via theuppitypuppy/Instagram

9. This dog who prefers to wear the leaves like a sweater.

Via Giphy

“Almost have the sleeves. Hang on, Ma.”Via Giphy

10. This dog who just wants to curl up with a good book on a chilly fall day. 

Via sannefrankin/Instagram

Blustery days call for fictional adventures and a hot mug of toilet water. Via sannefrankin/Instagram

11. This dog who has basically already won every Halloween costume contest.

Via Giphy

Boom. *Mic drop* Via Giphy

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