‘101 Dalmatians’ DVD to Feature Dog Breed Info

The AKC and Walt Disney Studios team up to educate potential dog owners on the importance of researching breeds.

The American Kennel Club and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment have teamed up to teach animal lovers how to find the right dog breed for their lifestyles.

The 2-disc platinum edition DVD of Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” will include an educational insert with a message from the AKC and the Dalmatian Club of America, intended to remind potential puppy owners to educate themselves before buying a dog.

“Dalmatians make wonderful family pets, but like any breed, potential owners need to be ready for a commitment and know that the breed will be a good fit with their family and lifestyle,” says AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson. “We are very grateful to Disney for providing us with an avenue that reminds the public of this important message.”

Learn more about Dalmatians by visiting www.thedca.org

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