10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Whether your Valentine has four paws or just loves dogs almost as much as you love them, these gifts are sure to please your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

We know you love your dog and fellow dog lover’s so we’ve got a little something for everyone. Check out these lovely gifts for the dogs and dog loving people you love!

1. Madra Mór Mud

Treat your Valentine pooch to a mud bath spa treatment using these amazing products. A dog’s pH is more alkaline than humans, making their skin not only delicate but also susceptible to absorbing toxins. By blending the finest medicinal clays that Absorb (impurities, dirt, smells, toxins) & ADsorb (nourish with vital minerals) Madra Mór nourishes, strengthens, and encourages healthy cell regeneration. They have four different formulas to give your dog a relaxing day at the spa. Madra Mór

dog spa

2. DawgHead 

Artist Jennie Griffith has combined sculpture and painting to create truly unique custom art pieces of your own dog. The perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for the dog lover in your life, her attention to detail and ability to create life-like portrayals will leave them speechless. A percentage of each sale is donated towards rescue work. Dawghead Facebook




3. Sprinkles for Dogs

What dog wouldn’t be happy with something “sweet” on Valentine’s Day?  You can say “I Love You” with their XOX box. Topped with XOX and heart sugar decorations, each dozen box contains the perfect mix of flavors for your special someone: Valentine’s Day favorites Red Velvet and Chocolate Marshmallow as well as classics Dark Chocolate and Vanilla.

Sprinkles for Dogs


4. Miximals Collage

Another talented artist, Kimberly Thompson Panay creates custom collages out of recycled magazines and junk mail. Your sweetheart is sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift that will last forever as a treasured tribute to their beloved best friend on four paws. Win a free Miximal collage here.

Miximals Collage


5. Hugs & Kisses Rope Toys

These adorable toys are a perfect gift for your dog on Valentine’s Day. Made of strong, 100 percent cotton fabric, it’s a durable and safe chew toy.

Hugs and Kisses Dog Toy

6. I’ve Only Had One…

This funny stemless wine glass is perfect for the dog lover that also enjoys wine now and then. Pair it with a bottle of wine or some chocolate and it makes a great gift set.

I've Only Had One ...

7. Moody Pet Humunga Lips

These red lips are a funny Valentine’s Day gift for your dog. Who wouldn’t want a kiss from this shaggy dog with those big red lips? Sure to make your dog (or your sweetheart) smile.

Moody Pet Humunga Lips


8. Open Hearts Necklace

This beautiful necklace shows off your sweathear’s love for her dog in a simple and elegant way. Sterling silver with 1/2o ct tw diamonds, it won’t break the bank, but looks like it might have. Whether she dresses up or down, it’s a timeless piece that will go with anything.

Open Hearts Necklace



9. Small Bone Dog Necklace

This sweet dog necklace is sterling silver plated with pink and grey Australian Crystals for the sophisticated pup. It’s handmade in the USA and light weight for your tiny Valentine.

Small Bone Dog Necklace


10. Mutt Lynch

Looking for a wine to pair with the glass above, or to stand on its own as a Valentine’s Day Gift? Mutt Lynch Winery has many wines, all dog themed, to choose from, including Hellhound and Unleashed Chardonnay.

Mutt Lynch


11. Yappy Hour Vineyards

This company makes wine for your dog! Their non-alcoholic versions are full of FDA-approved, human-grade ingredients your dog is sure to love. With yummy chicken as a base, your dog is sure to full this fun treat – pour it over their food or let them lap it up in bowl for a great Valentine’s Day treat.

Yappy Hour Vineyards


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