10 Tips for Easier Air Travel With Your Dog

Precautions to take when flying with your canine companion.

Although the risks of flying with your dog are minimal when the right precautions are taken, the unpredictability of air flight can be unsettling. Airlines are continually changing and updating their regulations, which include restrictions on size, breed, and whether dogs are allowed to travel on the airline at all. If your circumstances make air travel a necessity, there are some things you can do to minimize the uncertainty:

1. Fly only with major airlines or reputable pet transportation companies.

2. Book nonstop flights.

3. Travel in the early morning or evening when the temperatures are less extreme.

4. Dogs under 15 pounds may be able to travel as carry-on luggage. Bigger dogs fly as cargo.

5. Confirm your reservation and your dog’s the day before your flight.

6. Most airlines require a health certificate at check-in.

7. Don’t medicate your pet.

8. Make sure your pet’s crate or carries is easily identifiable.

9. Tip the baggage handlers.

10.  After landing, notify gate personnel that your pet need to be unloaded first.

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