10 Things Cats Love About Seeing People in the Kitchen

Cats see kitchens as lands of opportunity. Hear why they feel they're in for a bounty when we enter.

The kitchen is a cat’s favorite room in the house – well, maybe behind the bathroom. Of course. When we enter the sacred “room of food and other worldly delights,” cats can hardly hold their excitement because there are so many possibilities afoot. In this week’s top 10 list, we count down those cat-tastic possibilities.

10. They might catch a whiff of delicious-smelling air
Don’t you just love watching cats sniffing the air? They certainly enjoy a few good whiffs when we’re cooking something intriguing to them. Plus, that smell means something delicious might have their name written on it. Because cats assume everything’s for them.

9. There may be post-sweeping piles
Cats are curious about the little piles of crumbs, cat hair, and other miscellaneous goodies we sweep from the kitchen floor and load onto a dustpan. It’s like a little I-Spy game, with a number of edible bits.

8. The faucet could drip
Some cats enjoy a drippy faucet because the water tastes better than what’s currently in their bowl or fountain. Obviously.

7. You might fill a glass of water
This glass of water could potentially sit in a place that a paw could easily reach. Just sayin’.
6. Grocery bag or box exploration?
Just returned from the store? Got bags or boxes? They’re in.

5. Cabinets might be left ajar
Never mind that the cats have been inside that exact cabinet a dozen times or more, they are mysteriously compelled to enter once more. Maybe three times. Or 20. You never know.

4. We could leave something delicious on the counter
This is a two-part maneuver because not only must we leave a tasty item out in the open, we must walk away so the feline opportunist can snag it. Cats cross their toes that we need to make frequent bathroom visits during food prep. They don’t even care if we wash our hands – but ew, wash your hands. You know that, right?

3. We’ll probably drop something edible
Are you a messy cook? I am. This is one of my most attractive qualities … according to my cats. Grating cheese? Great! Cats are all over that. Extra cheese, please!

2. Treats, please?
When we start opening kitchen cabinets and rustling various bags, cats immediately think, “TREATS”. It doesn’t matter if we’re busting open a bag of cheesy popcorn, it must be treats for them. You see, since they always think about feeding their faces, we must also have the same dominant thought.

And the No. 1 reason cats like to see us walk into the kitchen is … drumroll, please!

1. It must be time to fill their bowls with cat food

If it’s anywhere close to their actual mealtime, they sometimes even run ahead of us, excited for the crack of a can of something gravy-related, or the rustle of a bag of tasty kibble. With cats, it’s always food o’clock.

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