10 Things Cats Do in the Bathroom

Unrolling the toilet paper, sleeping in the sink, watching us use the facilities ... cats love hanging in the bathroom.

what-cats-do-in-bathroom Cats and bathrooms – a classic combination. Kitties are obsessed with anything and everything in the bathroom, including us. This week we count down the top 10 things cats do in the bathroom. There are way more than 10 things, but this list is a good start.

10. Lick toilet condensation
When the weather is humid, sweat doesn’t just build up on our skin, little beads of condensation form on the toilet tank. Apparently this is delicious refreshment for the whiskered set. Happy hour!

9. Bat things off the counter
So many goodies on the bathroom counter! And when we’re hidden behind the shower curtain, it’s the perfect time for kitties to explore all the highly swattable items like barrettes, tubes and brushes.

8. Meow while we shower

Some people sing in the shower – my Cosmo serenades me while I’m in the shower. I think my inaccessiblity drives him a little nuts. Sometimes he sits on the edge of the tub between the liner and curtain so he can see me … and still he sings.

7. Watch us bathe

We’re a little more accessible to our kitties when we take a bath. At least there’s no closed curtain and they can easily watch our every move. And they do.

6. Sit on our lap while we use the toilet
Cosmo likes to sit in my lap toddler-style while I do my, um, business. It’s the craziest thing because he won’t sit that way any other time. He begs for potty snuggles, I tell you! I know I’m not alone in this activity because readers have told me their cats request the same thing. I don’t mind — It’s sweet in the most bizarrely possible way.

5. Use their litterbox
Some humans place a litterbox in their bathroom. I don’t have a setup like that one, but friends have told me that sometimes they and their kitty use their respective facilities at the same time. Hey, you can’t choose when nature calls.

4. Unroll the toilet paper
My cats have never been TP fanatics, but I’ve seen photos and heard stories of some pretty wild bathroom parties, compliments of Mr. Whipple. Please tell me you know who Mr. Whipple is! Children of the 70’s and 80’s squeezed the Charmin during every trip to the grocery store.

3. Sleep in the sink

Sinks are the perfect size and shape for a slumbering cat. Sometimes two cats fit in one sink. This is called “ridiculously adorable”.

2. Drink from the sink faucet

OK, toilet condensation is delicious, but freshly dripping faucet water is glorious! I know some people who won’t fix their broken sink because their cats would miss the drippy-drip.

And the No. 1 things cats do in the bathroom cat is … drumroll, please!

1. Stare at us while we sit on the toilet
What could possibly be so fascinating about a human sitting on a toilet? Whatever it is, cats can’t get enough of it. Maybe they’re looking for an invitation for a potty snuggle.

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