10 Things Cats Do During Yoga

When we're grounding ourselves in downward dog, our cats are crawling on our yoga mats and making themselves comfortable.

I adore my morning yoga routine. It usually lasts about 20 minutes, and is a pretty simple routine. I’m not a headstand girl … yet. We’ll see about that one. I am, however, a yoga-with-cats girl, and that’s not necessarily by choice. The cats … they come.

Here are the top 10 things my cats do during my morning yoga.

10. They obsess over my water bottle
Do they do this because they want my attention or because it’s fun to knock stuff over? The answer is definitely YES.

9. They loudly lick their behinds
Here I am, trying to be peaceful and move with grace, and what do I hear? “Slurp, slurp, slurp.” I’m thinking it’s my cats’ mantra.

8. They play-fight with one another
During morning yoga, I treat my body like a temple, allowing it to stretch and flow, recognizing my gratitude for its service to me. Meanwhile, my cats decide it’s “Wild Kingdom” hour. This means tumbling, hissing, and flying fur … definitely not a service to me.

7. They position their butts in my face
This is always a surprise. I move from a pose and meet up with “Downward Cat Butt.” Always a good time.

6. They smell my hair

Why do they do this? My cats sniff my hair if it’s wet, dry, dirty, or clean – with or without product. They’re little hair-sniffers. It tickles and usually makes me lose all kinds of balance. I guess they’re getting me back for all the cat-belly huffing I’ve gotten in over the years. I’m pretty confident they smell way better than I do, though.

5. They hog the mat
When I’m in bed and decide to visit the restroom, I typically come back to find my spot has been cat-jacked. It’s the same thing with yoga. When I change positions, my cat stretches out in the unused yoga-mat space … which I’ll need again, but he doesn’t give a rip.

4. They walk under me
One of my cats’ greatest pleasures is walking back and forth underneath me while I’m in Downward Dog pose. He treats me like a bridge and he’s a little tugboat passing underneath me. I have to say it makes me laugh. Downward Dog is a cat magnet.

3. They walk on me
It’s true! My little Phoebe is the main one, and thank goodness it’s her and not my 13-pound Saffy. Kirtty-paw accupressure doesn’t always hit the most perfect points. Ouch!

2. They stare at me
When they’re not inserting themselves into my practice, they’re usually nearby, simply staring at me. To be honest, they’re generally intrigued with anything I do on the floor. Plus, they’re likely waiting for me to go into Downward Dog so they can do their thing.
And the No. 1 thing cats do during yoga is… drumroll, please!

1. They distract me with their cuteness
It’s true: Cats are some of the most disctracting creatures I’ve ever met. This is why I have so much trouble focusing on housework, writing, and, well, yoga.

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