10 Steps to Preventive Care

Want to prevent disease in your cat? Follow these steps to help keep your pet healthy.

1. Vaccinations: personalized for the breed, lifestyle and risk.

2. Sterilization: unless a valuable breeder, do early spay/neuter.

3. Parasite control: for internal and external parasites.

4. Optimal nutrition: as recommended by your veterinarian.

5. Weight management: don’t let cats become overweight or obese.

6. Dental care: cats need dental care, too.

7. Socialization and behavior training: friendly cats taught good manners.

8. Easy access to fresh, clean water: under-hydration is a major problem with cats.

9. Environmental enrichment: indoor cats need stimulation and accommodation to reduce stress.

10. Twice yearly exams by the veterinarian: instinctively cats hide their illnesses. Only veterinarians have the experience, training and resources available to catch things early on, and to look past obvious problems to potential ones.

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