10 Small Animal Pets Who Should Be Thankful For Their Humans

Our pets do some crazy things, but we love them anyway, and I'm sure they're thankful for it.

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What would be on your critter's "thankful for" list? Via Willard/Flickr

By nature I tend to be a thankful person. I’ve lived a bit of a rough life and because of it, every day I go out of my way to find things that I’m thankful for in an effort to constantly remind myself of the blessings that surround me. On the top of my “thankful for” list, besides my children, is my tiny hamster, Henry, who is the most awesome hamster ever (I might be biased) and is totally adorable (I’m claiming that as a fact). Although oftentimes, even though I’m feeling thankful for him, I will find myself cleaning his cage or filling up his food bowl and thinking, “Good gosh, Henry, you just have no idea how lucky you are to have such an easy life!”

So in light of that sentiment, here are 10 little critters who should be thankful for the awesome lives they are leading, compliments of their humans.

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1. I can’t remember the last time I was able to take a bath without a child screaming, “Mom, I need you” or, at the very least, sticking their fingers under the door, but this hedgehog looks like he is enjoying a day at the spa!

2. I have been trying my hardest to bribe… I mean teach… my daughter to rub my feet, but this chinchilla seems to have it made! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.

3. Let’s just say this rabbit should be thankful that his human has a good sense of humor and that indecency laws don’t apply to animals!

rabbit in cage
Via Nina A.J./Flickr 

4. This pretty rabbit should be thankful that she can pull off an innocent looking face so well!

rabbit on floor
Via starsandspirals/Flickr 

5. This sugar glider should be thankful that his owner doesn’t have a weak heart and that, unlike humans, it isn’t totally frowned upon when you climb the furniture and then take a flying leap off of it. Because if he were human, and he lived in my house, he would most definitely be placed in a time-out.

6. I can’t even remember the last time I had a relaxing meal with friends that didn’t involve children’s menus, dropped crayons and spilled milk. This sugar glider and tortoise should be thankful that not only do they get to dine together, but they probably don’t even have to leave a tip!

7. This chinchilla should be thankful that she doesn’t have to wear clothes, go to the gym or own a scale. If that were my life, I’d eat like this, too.

8. I’ve often thought of doing this when I’ve seen a friend eating a cupcake, but for like ten (human) reasons I haven’t. This ferret though, should be thankful that she is apparently smarter than the dog, and even more thankful that she can run fast!

9. This chinchilla is thankful that his mommy loves him enough to give him vitamins, because for breakfast today I had leftover crumbs from the kids, I was too busy for lunch and by the time I finished serving everyone dinner, there was none left for me. The last time someone hand-fed me a vitamin was… actually I don’t think that has ever happened.

10. I’m telling you, animals really have it made. If I had the problem this rabbit does with a boyfriend, it would be over. But animals? Nope! We love them anyway.

rabbit by litter boxVia Leigh Anne McConnaughey/Flickr 

I think I have validated my point. As thankful as I am for the little people and critters in my life, I think a little thankfulness from them isn’t completely uncalled for either.

Good thing they are cute. Happy Thanksgiving!

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