10 Similarities Between Cats and Celebrities

They have staff, fans and demands -- cats and celebrities have a lot in common.

Sure, most cats are little divas, and I think they’re like celebrities in many ways. In this week’s Top 10, we’re counting down the ways cats act like Hollywood’s elite.

10. Sometimes their claws come out
It’s hard to be a celebrity and maintain any sort of privacy. When they feel like their personal space is under attack, sometimes the claws pop straight out. Cats feel the same way about people or other cats who invade their space their space. Hiss!
9. They have a chef
Celebrities try to stay fit, so they usually hire a chef to cook healthy meals for them. Cats have humans with can openers. It’s kind of the same thing.

8. Someone cleans their bathrooms

Most celebrities have housekeepers who take care of keeping the famous person’s home tidy. We pick up cat toys and clean litter boxes – and we don’t even get paid!

7. They can act out
Some celebrities (cough, Lindsay Lohan, cough) can get themselves into some real pickles, and then act like spoiled toddlers. “Don’t you know who I am?” Cats are known to act out when they don’t get what they want. My two girls are major back-talkers. I removed one of them from jacking the other cat’s food the other day, and she walked away, turned around and said, “Mrrrrrr.” Then she flicked her tail at me. I’m telling you —  she flicked!

6. They see photos of themselves online
Famous people are used to seeing pics of themselves on entertainment and gossip websites. Cats are used to seeing themselves plastered on Facebook and Instagram.

5. They’re demanding
Many stars are used to getting what they want, and when they want it. In fact, they even have riders with dressing room specifications. You know, like how Van Halen wanted all the brown M&M’s removed from the candy bowl. Whatever, Eddie.

Cats can be pretty demanding as well. I’ve never been asked to remove anything from a food dish, but they often present a verbal rider that includes complete access to my lap.

4 People want to touch them

At concerts, performers often reach a hand into the audience and frantic fans go nuts trying to touch those famous fingers, which are probably sweaty and disgusting. I want to touch my cats all the time. They’re never sweaty and disgusting.

3. They have a driver
How nice to be driven most everywhere! I’m so jealous! Cats also have drivers; however, they usually don’t appreciate the rides.

2. People constantly talk about them
Celebrity gossip is all over trashy mags and on shows like TMZ.  Some people love following the activities of the famous, and are curious about where they went on vacation, what they wore to an awards show and even what they ate for breakfast. Yeah, I think a lot of my conversations are about my cats. They don’t go on vacations, but I do text my husband when one of them does something adorable. And then I bring it up again when he gets home from work. Hey, it’s important stuff!

And the No. 1 way cats are like celebrities is … drumroll, please!

1. They’re followed by paparazzi

If you’re like me, most of your phone’s photos are of your cats. My kitties are used to having a camera in their faces, but they don’t always want to cooperate. Still I continue trying. Nobody likes annoying paparazzi.

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