10 Signs Your Cat Is Actually a Potato

Happy National Potato Day! See if your cat is secretly a tuber masquerading as a pet.

Have you looked at your cat and wondered whether he or she is fully committed to this feline thing? Maybe kitty is hiding a secret. We are here to get to the root, so to speak, of the problem.

10 Signs Your Cat Might Be a Potato
1.  Exhibits long periods of immobility
2.  Likes cupboards
3.  Sprouts eyes
4.  Displays oblong shape
5.  Rolls on occasion
6.  Usually discovered after emerging from a buried spot
7.  Sometimes blamed for weight gain
8.  Can be source of comfort when smushed
9.  Washing skin is ridiculous chore
10. If one is on your kitchen floor, there’s a good chance you will trip over it.

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