10 Rules for Choosing a Stud Dog

1. Choose a stud that is strong where your bitch is weak, and that has corrected the weakness when bred to similar bitches.

2. Choose a stud that will produce the less inbred litter; double up on a dog in the pedigree only if you have a very good reason.

3. Choose a stud that you, or a trusted friend, have seen in the flesh.

4. Choose a stud with a background of good health and health clearances, and with an owner who is open about discussing problems.

5. Choose a stud you can actually reach when your bitch comes in season.

6. Choose a less popular stud over a very popular stud.

7. Choose an older stud (assuming he’s still fertile) over a very young dog.

8. Choose a stud that is owned by someone you like and trust, but never breed to a dog simply because you are friends with the owner.

9. Choose a stud whose owner will provide a written stud agreement outlining who is responsible for what, and what will happen in the event of every conceivable contingency.

10. Choose a stud with achievements that validate his merits, and that help attract good puppy buyers.

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