10 Reasons to Own a Beagle

Look at our checklist before you adopt your Beagle puppy.

1. Beagles are amazingly cute. We could stop the list here, but
theres more!

2. Beagles will work for foodyou never have to find another way to motivate this dog!

3. Beagles are a wonderful family dog and are great with children.

4. Beagles have deep, thoughtful eyes, and they seem to know what you’re thinking.

5. Beagles offer loud, baying barks and criesits hard to lose your Beagle! (See, were turning lemons into lemonade.)

6. If you’re hunting rabbits, your Beagle will help you find them.

7. If you lose Thumper, your pet rabbit, your Beagle will help you find it.

8. If you lose a cheese sandwich, your Beagle will help you find it.

9. Did we mention that Beagles are so darn cute?

10. Beagles give unconditional love (especially if you have a snack in
your hand)!

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