10 Quick Tips for a Safe Holiday Season

These tips can help you keep your cat safe during the holidays.

1. Keep Kitty away from food-preparation areas. Some foods can cause intestinal trouble and poultry bones can splinter and cause blockages.

2. Poinsettias, holly berries, mistletoe and the holiday tree make inappropriate snacks. Make these items inaccessible and unappealing to your pets. Toxicity may vary, but vomiting and diarrhea are likely.

3. Ribbon, tinsel and string can be swallowed and cause serious intestinal problems requiring surgery. Choose safe decorations for your home and secure unsafe items away.

4. Put candles where pets can’t get to them. Animals can burn themselves or others, or knock candles over and cause a fire.

5. Hide wiring. These are not chew toys and can shock or electrocute pets.

6. Disrupting a cat’s living quarters can result in spraying or refusal to use the litterbox. Try to keep your cat’s routine and living space the same.

7. Provide a safe room where Kitty can escape the festivities. Most cats do not prefer the activity.

8. Cats not used to many strangers (particularly active children) may become aggressive. Let your cat retire to her own space.

9. Make sure your cat wears a collar and identification in case of an accidental escape.

10. Only travel with your cat if she can ride with you in the airplane cabin.

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