10 Places Cats Think We Go When We Leave Home

Bye, person. Have fun petting other cats/taking lots of pictures/abandoning us or whatever else you do when you leave us. Love, cats.


Generally speaking, most cats don’t enjoy car rides. They travel in carriers and don’t really get to watch the journey as it happens. The next thing they know, the carrier door’s open and they’re suddenly in the vet’s office. I know I’d be kind of freaked out by that kind of magical transport!

As humans, we leave our homes on a regular basis, so our cats see us coming and going. I recently wondered what they must think about our departures and destinations. Of course, all kinds of silly possibilities popped into my head, so I decided to write this week’s Top 10 about the places cats think we go when we leave home.

10. Meet-up with a catnip dealer
Cats have no idea where their sweet nip comes from, so perhaps we’re meeting up with some back alley dealer who supplies the heavenly stuff. All perfectly legal, of course.

9. Take lots of photos

We take tons of photos while we’re at home, so why wouldn’t we walk out the door and do the same thing? We do always travel with our camera phones, after all.

8. Eat food behind their backs
If we have it, cats want it – especially if it’s anything related to food. Of course, we’d head somewhere to throw back massive amounts of chow, and all behind our cats’ backs. This is all completely unfair in our cats’ eyes because they don’t get to stare at us while we eat and pounce on any dropped bits.

7. Deliver clumps scooped from the litterbox

OK, so we humans scoop all the litterbox clumps, and then what happens? Cats have absolutely no idea. Perhaps our car trunks are loaded up with the bags of clumps and we’re off to deposit them somewhere … or trade them for something valuable. For all cats know, litterboxes clumps could be a popular form of currency in the human world.

6. Spend time with other cats
Our kitties don’t like to pick up the scent of other felines on our bodies or clothing, yet they know we interact with these other cats because of that foreign scent. As we pull down the driveway, we could be on our way to pet other cats. Jealousy!

5. Visit the vet
Nearly every time a cat rides in a car, he or she is bound for the vet clinic. It’d make sense that we’d also be heading to the vet when we pull away by ourselves. Cats may think the car only runs in two directions: to the vet and back home.

4. Head to the grocery store
Kitties hope when we return from a trip, we’ll have armfuls of boxes and bags. They don’t care about what’s in the bags, especially because the contents are usually for us humans. They just want the receptacles emptied … and fast!

3. Buy lots of cat food and treats

There’s always the chance we’ll walk through the door bearing oodles of cat treats and gravy-laden food. A cat can dream.

2. Abandonment!
“Where are you going? Will you ever come back? Who will feed us? Nooooo!” Some cats might assume when we walk out the door, we’ve abandoned them – even though history tells them we always return. Cats are drama queens, you know.

And the No. 1 place cats think we go when we leave home is … drumroll, please!

1. They think nothing

As long as they’ve been fed and petted, they simply watch us go and are probably asleep by the time we’re at the end of the street. That is, if they weren’t already napping before we left.

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