10 Must-Read Features From 2010

Visitors to SmallAnimalChannel.com found the following 10 articles most interesting in 2010.

Discover the most popular articles, best tips and hot insider guides that kept animal owners and enthusiasts clicking for more on SmallAnimalChannel.com in 2010.
1. Amazing Ferret Abodes!»
Four ferret owners share their secrets to crafting creative habitats for their pet ferrets.
2. Male Chinchilla Or Female Chinchilla»
Find out how to tell the difference between a male and female chinchilla.
3.  Ideal Gerbil Cage »
How to best equip your gerbil’s home.
4. Ideal Guinea Pig Cages »
Find out the ideal housing for your guinea pigs.
5. The Ferret Poop Chart»
A guide to what different types of poop might indicate about a ferret’s health.
6. Signs Your Guinea Pig is Sick »
Look for signs to tell if your guinea pig is sick.
7. What’s That Chinchilla Noise?»
A guide to chinchilla noises and their meanings.
8. Hedgehog Permit For Ownership in California »
Is it possible to get a permit for owning a hedgehog in California or other states where it’s illegal?
9. Chinchilla Training 101»
Training your chinchilla might be more difficult than expected.
10. The Exciting World Of Chinchilla Cages »
A guide to finding the perfect cage for your chinchilla.

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1. Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed»
Consider dog breeds that shed less and avoid hair-covered furniture.
2. Build An Outdoor Aviary»
Build a beautiful outdoor bird aviary for your pet birds, finches or canaries.
3. Raw Food Diet for Dogs»
The benefits and drawbacks of feeding your dog a raw diet.
4. 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games»
Check here for the latest news as we count down to opening day.
5. American Dressage Star Courtney King-Dye Injured in Riding Accident»
The 2008 Olympic rider is in the hospital after suffering serious head trauma.
6. Why does my cat throw up after eating?»
CatChannel veterinary expert, Arnold Plotnick, DVM, explains the possible causes for frequent vomiting in cats.
7. Are all orange tabby cats male and are all calico cats female?»
CatChannel veterinary expert, Arnold Plotnick, DVM, explains how cats get their gender and colors.
8. Bearded Dragon Basking Open Mouth»
Why do bearded dragons bask with their mouth open?
9. Common Problems in Goldfish»
Questions regarding common problems in goldfish.
10. Amazing Ferret Abodes!»
Four ferret owners share their secrets to crafting creative habitats for their pet ferrets.
11. Produce Bound Underground»
Root cellars, the ancient technology that enables the long term storage of your farm’s bounty.

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